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Genee’s Array of Digital Smart Boards

The need of the modern day world – smart boards are gaining the attention of a wide variety of sectors. They are used to target a wider audience and form a highly interactive environment ideal for learning in a fun way. Wider pictures, brighter texts and extremely clear sound effects are some of the features that make smart boards a preferred choice for not only schools but also for multinational organizations. The product is has completely revolutionized the educational system and meets the expectations of all the sectors

Genee-Touch_LGenee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most promising and reliable suppliers of high-class electronic whiteboards. We are known for manufacturing and supplying a range of smart boards deploying excellent quality components and tested software. Our client list includes a number of esteemed schools, known universities and expanding business firms which have shown extreme condemn after using our digital whiteboards.

Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. offers three kinds of smart boards:

Genee Powerboard: Designed to support real time on-screen editing, Genee Powerboard is considered as a perfect tool for carrying out various background selections and practicing custom graphics/images. The product gives you the power to do an array of functions including creating new presentations, editing already saved files and making innovative designs to please the viewers. It works with the help of advanced IR technology which can be operated using a pen or touch of your finger.

Genee Sense: If you wish to go on a roller coaster ride to the future, get a Genee Sense now. Embedded with multiple features like multifunction stylus, customized function hot-key, ability to support any whiteboard and 2.4G wireless connection to the computer system, this smart board offers you a completely new experience that will hover in your mind forever. From village schools to the reputed schools in the metro cities, Genee Sense being highly portable pleases everyone who wishes to infuse latest technologies into their education system.

Pro Digital+: Powered with electromagnetic technology, Pro Digital+ is yet another electronic whiteboard that not only makes your presentation simpler but also gives them a new digital look that surely captures the attention of the spectators. The equipment is well designed for handling crucial presentations and promises a fantastic digital environment for your school presentations and board meetings. The various programmed keys of Pro Digital+ are also highly sensitive and leave everyone amazed whosoever uses it.

All the products of Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. have been designed for perfection and to cater even the smallest of needs of the users. Contact us today and enjoy the services of our world-class products and excellent after sale services at your doorsteps.