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Transform Classrooms of Yesterday into Digital Classes of Tomorrow With Genee’s ICT Resources

Are you bored staring at those uninteresting blackboards and listening to hours of monotonous sounding lectures? If your answer’s yes, then transform your dull learning experience into an exciting one by embedding the concept of Digital classroom. When you introduce technology in learning, digital classroom forms shape. They are the ones in which you may find an array of interactive products which please to students as well as teachers alike. Interactivity is a great feature that enhances the interest level of the students in their class leading to more number of hands raised to give answer.

GENEE India ProductsGenee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a key supplier of some amazing equipments that can modify a simple classroom into a digital classroom. We have made an in-depth research on the benefits of interactive education for students and thus have manufactured world class products to cater the needs of the educational sector. Some of our products which have been creating a revolution in the world smart digital classroom are: Continue reading