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Avail Genee’s Profitable Interactive Learning Strategies

Interactive education is the latest invention in the classroom technology. It is powerful, profitable and preferred mode of learning for almost all schools and universities who wish to refresh their ambiance for studying. Interactive learning strategies include a lot of territory. It helps you in using a new tool that lets you enjoy multiple choices or scenarios, graphics, music, sound effects, voice, video, and animation. Interactive mode of education is more or less like a ladder that takes you high to achieve success in the minimum possible time.

Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a clear winner when comes to producing high quality interactive equipments. We help you design the most profitable interactive learning strategies by taking you on a roller-coaster ride where you step into the future, the future of education, the future of technology and the future of interactivity. We have made the dream of interactive education reality by guiding the world about what education can be if it is clubbed with multimedia. The range of equipments that we have ob board have been designed solely to enrich the learning experience of the users by giving their finger tips power to paint their dreams. Genee has made the concept of interactive classroom possible and thus offers a range of multimedia products including:

Visualisers: Luring both educational as well as corporate sectors, Genee visualizers are replete with compact designing, five years guarantee, and our best in class services which make them a must have product for all.

Interactive Whiteboards: Just as the name suggest, these smart whiteboards are highly interactive in nature. They are smart, they are fast and definitely make learning an interesting art for the students. They are best for targeting a larger audience and offer a clear view of all what is written on a small computer screen. Embedded with numerous bright pictures, clear audios, exciting animations and pleasing videos, Genee interactive whiteboards give out best results in minimum possible time.

Projectors: Bused to project large images even on compact spaces, Genee projectors come in a variety of models. Flexibility, durability and low maintenance cost make these projectors highly recommended in all the sectors.

Response Systems: Genee response systems offer cost effective and trouble-free learning experience in educational as well as corporate sectors. They are perfect for collecting real time data from the audience and displaying their views on a wider platform.

Educational Software: Now you can surely say that studying is a fun process with amazing list of educational software offered by us. These software encourage the students into learning in a better manner where they learn some of the most important lessons of life while enjoying visual images.

So make Genee your helping hand to contrive excellent interactive learning strategies.

Genee’s ICT Resources Providing Perfect Teaching Ambience for School Kids

Dusty chalks, shabby blackboards, bored students and a perfect ambiance for snoozing – Well this is the description of the traditional classrooms where students go more for sleeping and less for studying. However, with the introduction of interactive learning environment studying does not give hiccups to the students anymore. They not only enjoy being a part of an interactive classroom but also show complete participation in all the activities organized by the teachers. Interactive learning environment is a crucial need of present times where students need to grow as smart citizens to handle and shoot up the country’s various sectors.Genee-Powerboard-L

With the sole aim of making a difference in educational field, Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. has rolled out the wide range of interactive products which make the classrooms smart and generate a highly interactive learning environment. Our products are the outcomes of years of analysis and surveys in which we came across the need of an interactive mode of learning among the students. Some of the most powerful and pleasing products that we have on offer are:

  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Visualisers
  • Projectors
  • Educational Software
  • Response System
  • ICT Accessories

Still hovering over the fact that how interactive learning environment can make studying a fun and not a burden? Well the reasons are many!

Learn What’s New: Today’s generation being too intellectual grab every knowledge offered to them quickly and perfectly. When children learn to use multimedia products they tend to be smarter kids with enhanced knowledge and skills.

Enhance Social Skills: Interactive mode of learning helps in enriching the social skills of the kids. They learn to communicate with their co-mates and complete tasks with group efforts. This gives them a highly strong platform where they learn the art of interaction and accepting the opinions of others.

Better Learning: By pooling the knowledge and thoughts kids learn better and faster. The bright images, animations and fun questionnaires motivate them to the deepest and they enjoy discovering new heights than just turning the pages of lifeless textbooks.

Make Positive Peer Relations: Interactive learning lets the children work and study together where they get to know their classmates and make a special bond with them which often comes out to be an everlasting friendship.

So make Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. your one stop destination for buying the above said interactive products. Use these multimedia equipments and make a perfect environment for teaching the kids – the future of the world!

Genee Technologies India: Leading Maker and Marketer Of Interactive Education Products & Services

The concept of interactive education is though not new, it is still expanding its horizons rapidly. Now all schools want to conduct smart classrooms in order to offer an interesting learning environment to their students. By deploying interactive educational services, schools can surely gain the benefits of interactivity, immediate feedback, and gratification. In contrast to traditional classrooms where students only hear the teachers and gain partial knowledge due to lack of interest, interactive education services hook the students for long and let them learn while having fun.

GENEE India ProductsGenee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a key supplier of various interactive education services aimed at providing a healthy educational platform to the students. Aimed at providing excellent interactive education services to the customers, Genee has made a deep research in the field of interactive learning and thus has come out with some outstanding products. The products of Genee are considered to be imbedded with incredible features and promise durability as well. Some of the smart class equipments that Genee has rolled into the market are:

Interactive Whiteboards: The smart way to study, smart boards manufactured by Genee are considered to be highly durable and come with numerous features. With the help of vibrant animations, videos and audios, Genee interactive boards offer a range of features which make them extremely beneficial and modern than the traditional blackboards.

Visualiser: The wide variety of visualizers extended by Genee infuses life to the dream of a smart classroom. The Genee Vision Visualiser range includes easy to use products featuring excellent specifications giving tough fight to all other visualizers present in the market. Competitive prices, fine designs, durability and time saving factors make Genee visualizers smart choice for modern users.

Response Systems: Genee response systems help in providing cost effective and easy learning in educational as well as corporate sectors. They efficiently gather real time data from the audience and display their views on a wider platform.

Projectors: Best for scanning large images even on tighter spaces, Genee projectors are the new babies of the technology world. Ditching the traditional heavy weight projectors, these latest projectors have extremely short throw ratio that creates an enlarged image in a small presentation hall without putting that irritating white light on the presenter’s face.

ICT Accessories: You may enhance the usage of above said products by exploring the range of ICT Accessories offered by Genee including Genee Slate, Genee Classcreen, Click to Control and Genee Magic Pen.

Benefits of Genee’s Big Bag of ICT Products and Resources

The customary mode of availing education and studying has always been a boring one not only for students but also for the teachers. It limits the horizons of education by necessitating teachers and students to report to a single location and avail their education from the same location too. Ditching this traditional approach towards education, Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is trying to make a difference by introducing interactive education.

Interactive EducationGenee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a world class organization which deals with the manufacturing of all kinds of equipments that make education interactive. Learning in a classroom where you may see live pictures along with entertaining demonstration surely makes students involve intellectually and emotionally in studying. Students really appreciate interactive education as gives them wider horizons of studying rather than making them a typical bookworm.

Read below to know about some features that make interactive education a sheer need of today’s world.

Student-centered Learning: Interactive education offers a student centered learning platform where students may find new paths to success.

Different Learning Styles: Rather than studying in traditional manner every day, it lets the students enjoy a series of learning styles which hold their admiration and make them active in the classroom.

Student Interaction: Students interaction increases in the class as they find the learning process engaging and effortless.

Pictures and Animation: By including various pictures and animation, interactive education becomes even more interesting where students learn while having fun. Visual images also let them have clear views of the concepts which they keep in their mind throughout their lives.

Faster Information: You do not need to turn series of pages. Just click a page and explore your desired concepts.

Best for Toddlers: Interactive education proves to be most helpful and pleasing to the little angels who enjoy watching various colorful images and texts while putting their first steps in the world of education.

With all such exciting benefits and much more, interactive education is definitely an ideal mode of educating the students to make them smarter and knowledgeable. Genee offers a range of products that play a great role in making education interactive. Some of the most popular and modernized offerings of Genee include:

  • GENEE India ProductsVisualisers
  • Whiteboards
  • Response Systems
  • Projectors
  • Touch Screens

Apart from these products Genee also deals with various education software compatible with these equipments. We have offer content and practice material for all the classes starting from class 1st to 12th. All our education content is wholly CBSE based and thus proves helpful to all the school and private universities. We provide content in all the languages including Hindi. Some of the education software that we have on bid are:Educational Contant and Software

  • Pre-Primary On Board
  • Primary
  • Upper Primary
  • Secondary
  • Sr. Secondary
  • Geneemation
  • Prim-Ed
  • Genee Gold

Contact us today and make your education an interactive one.