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Changing age old pedagogy with Interactive Education

With the ever increasing competition in the educational sector, every now and then schools stay on the look out for modern technology so that they may step out of the crowd and set a benchmark. This struggle to be “different” is the key reason which has given rise to the concept of Interactive Education. This kind of education takes shape when technology is induced in the classroom. Students are freed from the typical boring method of learning as they step into a new world where learning means more than grasping bookish knowledge. They become smart kids and immerse in the pool of knowledge that unblocks their innocent minds.

genee-powerboard_2Interactive education has completely changed the role of students in a classroom. Earlier teachers used to give hour long lectures and students used to listen like mere spectators. However, now students play a greater role in classroom activities as they answer questions, share their ideas and partake physically to give demonstrations. Interactive mode of learning includes multiple icebreakers and brainteasers to inspire the students think out of the box. Moreover, the problem solving activities conducted on the digital whiteboards (a must have equipment in an interactive classroom) also catch the fancy of the students and let them get engrossed in their course material while understanding every bit of knowledge shared. Continue reading

Planning Interactive Teaching Strategies with Genee

Education is the basic foundation that gives a child the platform to develop his skills and widen his knowledge. They learn to communicate with the outside world and make a special bond of companionship while learning some of the most crucial concepts of life. Taking the importance of education into consideration, Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. has come up with a vast range of smart products to promote the concept of interactive teaching and learning. We at Genee have been making great efforts to introduce technology in classrooms so as to offer students a smart learning environment which may boost and enhance their classroom participation and experience. With our modern products including interactive whiteboards, visualizers, response systems and projectors, we have created a beautiful canvas of studying with more happy faces in classrooms. Continue reading

Transform Classrooms of Yesterday into Digital Classes of Tomorrow With Genee’s ICT Resources

Are you bored staring at those uninteresting blackboards and listening to hours of monotonous sounding lectures? If your answer’s yes, then transform your dull learning experience into an exciting one by embedding the concept of Digital classroom. When you introduce technology in learning, digital classroom forms shape. They are the ones in which you may find an array of interactive products which please to students as well as teachers alike. Interactivity is a great feature that enhances the interest level of the students in their class leading to more number of hands raised to give answer.

GENEE India ProductsGenee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a key supplier of some amazing equipments that can modify a simple classroom into a digital classroom. We have made an in-depth research on the benefits of interactive education for students and thus have manufactured world class products to cater the needs of the educational sector. Some of our products which have been creating a revolution in the world smart digital classroom are: Continue reading

Genee’s Spectrum of ICT Products

Are you bored looking at those uninteresting blackboards and listening to hour long lectures of your teachers? Well now you can surely make your learning experience an exciting one by embedding the concept of Digital classroom. When you introduce technology in learning, digital classrooms form shape. They are the ones in which you may find an array of interactive products which please to students as well as teachers alike. Interactivity is a great feature that enhances the interest level of the students in their class leading to more number of hands raised to give answer.

Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a key supplier of some amazing equipments that can modify a simple classroom into a digital one. We have made an in-depth research on the benefits of interactive education for students and thus have manufactured world class products to cater the needs of the educational sector. Some of our products which have been creating a revolution in the world from quite some time are: Continue reading

Avail Genee’s Profitable Interactive Learning Strategies

Interactive education is the latest invention in the classroom technology. It is powerful, profitable and preferred mode of learning for almost all schools and universities who wish to refresh their ambiance for studying. Interactive learning strategies include a lot of territory. It helps you in using a new tool that lets you enjoy multiple choices or scenarios, graphics, music, sound effects, voice, video, and animation. Interactive mode of education is more or less like a ladder that takes you high to achieve success in the minimum possible time.

Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a clear winner when comes to producing high quality interactive equipments. We help you design the most profitable interactive learning strategies by taking you on a roller-coaster ride where you step into the future, the future of education, the future of technology and the future of interactivity. We have made the dream of interactive education reality by guiding the world about what education can be if it is clubbed with multimedia. The range of equipments that we have ob board have been designed solely to enrich the learning experience of the users by giving their finger tips power to paint their dreams. Genee has made the concept of interactive classroom possible and thus offers a range of multimedia products including:

Visualisers: Luring both educational as well as corporate sectors, Genee visualizers are replete with compact designing, five years guarantee, and our best in class services which make them a must have product for all.

Interactive Whiteboards: Just as the name suggest, these smart whiteboards are highly interactive in nature. They are smart, they are fast and definitely make learning an interesting art for the students. They are best for targeting a larger audience and offer a clear view of all what is written on a small computer screen. Embedded with numerous bright pictures, clear audios, exciting animations and pleasing videos, Genee interactive whiteboards give out best results in minimum possible time.

Projectors: Bused to project large images even on compact spaces, Genee projectors come in a variety of models. Flexibility, durability and low maintenance cost make these projectors highly recommended in all the sectors.

Response Systems: Genee response systems offer cost effective and trouble-free learning experience in educational as well as corporate sectors. They are perfect for collecting real time data from the audience and displaying their views on a wider platform.

Educational Software: Now you can surely say that studying is a fun process with amazing list of educational software offered by us. These software encourage the students into learning in a better manner where they learn some of the most important lessons of life while enjoying visual images.

So make Genee your helping hand to contrive excellent interactive learning strategies.

Genee Technologies India: Leading Maker and Marketer Of Interactive Education Products & Services

The concept of interactive education is though not new, it is still expanding its horizons rapidly. Now all schools want to conduct smart classrooms in order to offer an interesting learning environment to their students. By deploying interactive educational services, schools can surely gain the benefits of interactivity, immediate feedback, and gratification. In contrast to traditional classrooms where students only hear the teachers and gain partial knowledge due to lack of interest, interactive education services hook the students for long and let them learn while having fun.

GENEE India ProductsGenee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a key supplier of various interactive education services aimed at providing a healthy educational platform to the students. Aimed at providing excellent interactive education services to the customers, Genee has made a deep research in the field of interactive learning and thus has come out with some outstanding products. The products of Genee are considered to be imbedded with incredible features and promise durability as well. Some of the smart class equipments that Genee has rolled into the market are:

Interactive Whiteboards: The smart way to study, smart boards manufactured by Genee are considered to be highly durable and come with numerous features. With the help of vibrant animations, videos and audios, Genee interactive boards offer a range of features which make them extremely beneficial and modern than the traditional blackboards.

Visualiser: The wide variety of visualizers extended by Genee infuses life to the dream of a smart classroom. The Genee Vision Visualiser range includes easy to use products featuring excellent specifications giving tough fight to all other visualizers present in the market. Competitive prices, fine designs, durability and time saving factors make Genee visualizers smart choice for modern users.

Response Systems: Genee response systems help in providing cost effective and easy learning in educational as well as corporate sectors. They efficiently gather real time data from the audience and display their views on a wider platform.

Projectors: Best for scanning large images even on tighter spaces, Genee projectors are the new babies of the technology world. Ditching the traditional heavy weight projectors, these latest projectors have extremely short throw ratio that creates an enlarged image in a small presentation hall without putting that irritating white light on the presenter’s face.

ICT Accessories: You may enhance the usage of above said products by exploring the range of ICT Accessories offered by Genee including Genee Slate, Genee Classcreen, Click to Control and Genee Magic Pen.

Learning is Fun when using Genee’s Interactive Education Products

The thought of studying always used to give hiccups to the students before the introduction of interactive education. Interactive education offers an amazing platform to the students where they can learn while having fun. It not only saves their valuable time but also let them grasp every bit of information they read and learn. With the help of Interactive education consultant children learns to use modern technologies at very early stage of their life and grow up to be active and well-groomed. Read, create, draw and learn – this interesting way of studying lets the little angels paint the world of their dreams and acquire skills needed to succeed in the frequently changing worldwide economy.

HRD-ProvidersGenee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is your one stop interactive education consultant that offers you great opportunities to step into the world of multimedia education. The organization has made a benchmark in the educational field and has proved its worth by presenting a world-class range of products that make a classroom a smart classroom. We have given a new vision to studying and guide our clients to explore the key benefits of interactive education which are:

Improves Learning: Studies have proved that interactive multimedia learning is enjoyed more by the students and thus helps them in learning more.

Highly Interactive: It enhances interaction between the learner and the trainer.

Flexibility Factor: Flexibility is the key feature which makes interactive education easy and understandable for the students. With just few clicks they may explore their complete course material and learn in an effortless manner.

Offers Practical Knowledge: Practical knowledge is better than theoretical knowledge and interactive education proves it right. Students learn with the help of interesting pictures and animations which clear all their concepts without any uncertainties.

Extremely Engaging: With live-action videos, audios, graphics and experienced interactive education consultant this modern mode of learning encourages learners towards studying in a more compelling manner.

genee-touch-1Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a key provider of various products related to interactive education. We promise best quality to our customers so as to maintain the bond of trust and openness with them. All our interactive products like visualisers, whiteboards, response systems, projectors and touch screens are manufactured by expert technicians who put all their efforts in offering the best quality along with durability.

Apart from hardware equipments we also deal with various education software compatible with all visualisers, projectors, Interactive whiteboards, laptop and computers. Our Pre-Primary On Board is a well-appreciated software for little toddlers where they learn with interactive multimedia games and activities. Moreover, we also provide an array of other education contents like Geneemation, Prim-Ed, Clicker 6, Genee Gold and Genee Explorer which are strictly based on CBSE/NCERT syllabus and cater the needs of class I to XII.

Benefits of Genee’s Big Bag of ICT Products and Resources

The customary mode of availing education and studying has always been a boring one not only for students but also for the teachers. It limits the horizons of education by necessitating teachers and students to report to a single location and avail their education from the same location too. Ditching this traditional approach towards education, Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is trying to make a difference by introducing interactive education.

Interactive EducationGenee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a world class organization which deals with the manufacturing of all kinds of equipments that make education interactive. Learning in a classroom where you may see live pictures along with entertaining demonstration surely makes students involve intellectually and emotionally in studying. Students really appreciate interactive education as gives them wider horizons of studying rather than making them a typical bookworm.

Read below to know about some features that make interactive education a sheer need of today’s world.

Student-centered Learning: Interactive education offers a student centered learning platform where students may find new paths to success.

Different Learning Styles: Rather than studying in traditional manner every day, it lets the students enjoy a series of learning styles which hold their admiration and make them active in the classroom.

Student Interaction: Students interaction increases in the class as they find the learning process engaging and effortless.

Pictures and Animation: By including various pictures and animation, interactive education becomes even more interesting where students learn while having fun. Visual images also let them have clear views of the concepts which they keep in their mind throughout their lives.

Faster Information: You do not need to turn series of pages. Just click a page and explore your desired concepts.

Best for Toddlers: Interactive education proves to be most helpful and pleasing to the little angels who enjoy watching various colorful images and texts while putting their first steps in the world of education.

With all such exciting benefits and much more, interactive education is definitely an ideal mode of educating the students to make them smarter and knowledgeable. Genee offers a range of products that play a great role in making education interactive. Some of the most popular and modernized offerings of Genee include:

  • GENEE India ProductsVisualisers
  • Whiteboards
  • Response Systems
  • Projectors
  • Touch Screens

Apart from these products Genee also deals with various education software compatible with these equipments. We have offer content and practice material for all the classes starting from class 1st to 12th. All our education content is wholly CBSE based and thus proves helpful to all the school and private universities. We provide content in all the languages including Hindi. Some of the education software that we have on bid are:Educational Contant and Software

  • Pre-Primary On Board
  • Primary
  • Upper Primary
  • Secondary
  • Sr. Secondary
  • Geneemation
  • Prim-Ed
  • Genee Gold

Contact us today and make your education an interactive one.

Providing World-Class Interactive Communication Technology Resources for Smart Classrooms

In the today’s world the mode of studying has changed by leaps and bounds. Notebooks have been replaced by online assignments, calculations are no longer done using pen and paper and the traditional blackboards have been substituted by highly modernized interactive whiteboards, visuaizers and projectors. Smart classroom enables the teachers to create technology-rich study material that helps them in educating the students in a more effective and pleasing manner. With the introduction of Smart Classrooms studying has become more of a mode of enjoyment while grasping all the vital knowledge.

GENEE India ProductsGenee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a rising emperor that provides world class products for designing the perfect smart classrooms. From Visualisers to Interactive Whiteboards and from Educational Software to Projectors and Response Systems, we manufacture almost all sorts of equipments which can definitely enrich the learning experience while holding the interest of the students. We at Genee make sure that all our products go through a vigorous quality test so as to provide excellent quality along with best performance. Some of our products that play a vital role in making classroom a SMART classroom are:

Visualisers: Our range of incredible visualisers has been luring both educational as well as corporate sectors. With compact designing, five years guarantee, and our best in class services, Genee visualisers are definitely the best pick for your organization.

Interactive Whiteboards: Learning becomes a fun act when you study on our sensational interactive whiteboards. These boards transform simple classrooms into dynamic smart classrooms where content is targeted to a large number of people in an interactive manner.

Projectors: Used for projecting large pictures even on smaller space, our projectors have been designed with the latest technology. The best feature of our projector is that they can create big images in small presentation halls without any shadow hitch or light annoying the presenter’s face.

Educational Software: We at Genee deploy highly knowledgeable teachers, curriculum writers, photographers and animators to develop various educational software. These educational software are extremely engaging and include a number of illustrations, videos, animations, images and graphics. We provide a list of software including Genee Gold, CenS-Us, Genee Explorer, Clicker 6, Geneemation, Early Years OnBoard and much more.

Response System: Effortless and cost-effective, our amazing selection of response systems has been launched to provide both the corporate as well as education environment. With products like Pebble, Genee Pad, iQ-Pad and Virtual G-Pad, Genee response system never fails to hook teachers, trainers and presenters.

The idea of learning while enjoying now seems to be a realistic one with unbelievable range of products offered by us. We understand the role of learning in the life of a student and thus make every possible effort to make their experience of gaining knowledge an interesting one by ditching the typical customary approach towards education. Interactive classrooms not only boost the interest of the children in studying but also offer them a clearer picture of what they read and write.

Genee India: The Most Reliable Supplier Of Electronic Whiteboards

Electronic Whiteboards are large interactive boards used to display data, images and information. To facilitate the same, these boards can be connected to a computer, laptop and projector. The functions of the computer can be transferred using a PC or Laptop. Further, to control these functions stylus (multimedia pen), fingers and gestures can be used.

Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most reliable suppliers of a wide array of Electronic Whiteboards. These boards are made by using the superior quality material at our end. Moreover, our diligent professionals make use of hi-tech software and tools to come up with a perfect range. The offered boards are available in various dimensions, sizes and other specifications as per the needs of our valuable customers.

Our firm is engaged in offering two types of boards namely:
Genee-Touch_LGenee Powerboard: Touch screen whiteboard that works on infra-red (IR) and gesture technology. Moreover in order to give high performance it is made by using state-of-the-art hardware with leading edge software.

Pro Digital+ Board: Pro Digital+ Boards are based on electromagnetic technology. The board can be used for writing, drawing and annotation easily by the user.

In addition to this, we offer Genee Sense, a portable device which can be attached to a whiteboard or flat surface. It can be connected to the PC with projector and the required things can be accessed from the computer with perfect interactive capabilities.

These boards can be easily mounted on a wall or surface for presentation and display. The offered boards are supplied with various accessories that enable the user to make its proper and efficient usage. These boards are widely demanded in schools for highly interactive sessions. Moreover, there wide spectrum of uses can be seen in various corporate houses for conducting conferences and meetings. Some of the unmatched features of these Electronic Whiteboards are as described below:

Easy operation: These boards are easy to use and can be attached to a computer or laptop for the desired presentation. Whereas the form of interaction may carry from Touch-based, Electromagnetic pen & associated software, Ultrasonic pen, Infrared scan technology or Resistive.

Perfect finish: Designed using latest technology and tools, these boards are acclaimed in the market for their smooth surface and design. It helps the user to easily carry on the presentation process.

Multiple functions: Owing to their advanced technology, these boards can be used for displaying real time data or images and with the help of the interactive devices the user can easily make use of various functions to explain the desired topic briefly.

Utilize time: The notes written on the board can be easily saved and captured in the connected PC. This helps in referring the content for future and also enables the user in presenting it whenever required without any changes.

Using these boards for teaching process has given the teachers a more interactive aid that increases the participation of students in the learning process. Moreover, Electronic Whiteboards give the students a real-time experience of the displayed data as the presentation can be supported with images, videos and pictures.