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Planning Interactive Teaching Strategies with Genee

Education is the basic foundation that gives a child the platform to develop his skills and widen his knowledge. They learn to communicate with the outside world and make a special bond of companionship while learning some of the most crucial concepts of life. Taking the importance of education into consideration, Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. has come up with a vast range of smart products to promote the concept of interactive teaching and learning. We at Genee have been making great efforts to introduce technology in classrooms so as to offer students a smart learning environment which may boost and enhance their classroom participation and experience. With our modern products including interactive whiteboards, visualizers, response systems and projectors, we have created a beautiful canvas of studying with more happy faces in classrooms. Continue reading

Genee Technologies: Provider of World Class Interactive Education Products and Services

The concept of interactive education is taking a fast pace now days. Every educational institute is opting interactive mode of learning to enrich the studying environment for their students. Providing knowledge by using multimedia, pictures, animation and sound thrills the learners with an ultra new experience which casts an eternal impression on their mind and heart. Learning is fun now with interactive education and this is the reason why Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. has entered the world of education to make a difference.

GENEE India ProductsGenee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a world renowned provider of products used in smart classrooms. We have a list of clients which include schools, universities, and interactive education academy who have accepted this latest mode of learning and enjoying its amazing benefits. Interactive education lets the learners learn by the means of ultra-modern interactive whiteboards which target a big audience. Its interesting, educational and not to forget engaging mode of studying.

Some of the most popular products of Genee which draw Interactive education academy are:

Visualisers: Geneeā€™s fantastic range of visualisers is gaining high popularity among various schools because of their easy to use features. They come in robust and compact designs and assure best results in minimum of time span.

Interactive Whiteboards: Interactive Whiteboards of Genee are considered as highly boost up and efficient. Infused with ultra modern and smart features, they help in delivering content to the target audience in an interactive and interesting manner.

Response Systems: Response Systems have proved their worth in corporate and education environment by offering both easy and cost-effective learning experience.

Projectors: Based on the latest technology, Genee projectors help you to project large images even in tighter spaces.

Genee Touch: An amazing alternative to a whiteboard, Genee Touch lets you enjoy benefits all the features of a whiteboard but without a projector glare and expensive running costs.

All these products play significant role in making a classrooms interactive by offering them a visual display of whatever they study.

Educational SoftwareApart from this, Genee also provides you with a remarkable list of education software including study material for all the classes. Our education content is completely NCERT/CBSE based and we offer study material in all the language including Hindi. Replete with interesting puzzles, mix match, fill ups, calculations, videos, and animated pictures, Genee education content proves to be extremely worthwhile and helpful to the students. Some of the education software that stay high in demand among interactive education academy are:

  • Pre-Primary On Board
  • Primary
  • Upper Primary
  • Secondary
  • Sr. Secondary
  • Geneemation
  • Prim-Ed
  • Genee Gold

Get in touch with us and relish the benefits of our highly useful and efficient products now.