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Learning is Fun when using Genee’s Interactive Education Products

The thought of studying always used to give hiccups to the students before the introduction of interactive education. Interactive education offers an amazing platform to the students where they can learn while having fun. It not only saves their valuable time but also let them grasp every bit of information they read and learn. With the help of Interactive education consultant children learns to use modern technologies at very early stage of their life and grow up to be active and well-groomed. Read, create, draw and learn – this interesting way of studying lets the little angels paint the world of their dreams and acquire skills needed to succeed in the frequently changing worldwide economy.

HRD-ProvidersGenee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is your one stop interactive education consultant that offers you great opportunities to step into the world of multimedia education. The organization has made a benchmark in the educational field and has proved its worth by presenting a world-class range of products that make a classroom a smart classroom. We have given a new vision to studying and guide our clients to explore the key benefits of interactive education which are:

Improves Learning: Studies have proved that interactive multimedia learning is enjoyed more by the students and thus helps them in learning more.

Highly Interactive: It enhances interaction between the learner and the trainer.

Flexibility Factor: Flexibility is the key feature which makes interactive education easy and understandable for the students. With just few clicks they may explore their complete course material and learn in an effortless manner.

Offers Practical Knowledge: Practical knowledge is better than theoretical knowledge and interactive education proves it right. Students learn with the help of interesting pictures and animations which clear all their concepts without any uncertainties.

Extremely Engaging: With live-action videos, audios, graphics and experienced interactive education consultant this modern mode of learning encourages learners towards studying in a more compelling manner.

genee-touch-1Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a key provider of various products related to interactive education. We promise best quality to our customers so as to maintain the bond of trust and openness with them. All our interactive products like visualisers, whiteboards, response systems, projectors and touch screens are manufactured by expert technicians who put all their efforts in offering the best quality along with durability.

Apart from hardware equipments we also deal with various education software compatible with all visualisers, projectors, Interactive whiteboards, laptop and computers. Our Pre-Primary On Board is a well-appreciated software for little toddlers where they learn with interactive multimedia games and activities. Moreover, we also provide an array of other education contents like Geneemation, Prim-Ed, Clicker 6, Genee Gold and Genee Explorer which are strictly based on CBSE/NCERT syllabus and cater the needs of class I to XII.