Be Smart and Get Genee Smartclass!

A dusty blackboard, an even dustier duster and then the pain of chalk dust in your eyes. And here we have not even finished talking about the hassle of rubbing everything off only to realize there was something important you didn’t want to rub.

Going back and rewriting is a hassle, isn’t it?

Well not anymore!

Welcome to Genee Technologies- the perfect solution to your teaching problems.

HRD-ProvidersGenee offers the best in terms of Interactive Communication Technologies. Our teaching solutions are seamlessly integrated into the latest technology to help make dull classroom come alive.

With highly interactive communication technologies developed by Genee Technologies a student will hang on to every word of the teacher and see what is being taught. Compatible with iOS and Android, the new generation of LED touches screens and multi-touch Genee interactive whiteboards allow a number of users to operate it simultaneously. Up to four users can now operate a Genee Powerboard and Genee Touch LED screen.

Genee products are for the future.

At Genee, a teacher can comfortably observe the students, assess their responses and behavior from any part of the class with Genee’s own ‘LEAVE THE BLACKBOARD’ approach.

With Genee the concept of Backbenchers doesn’t arise! Because teachers using Genee products can be mobile and still interact the same way. Teachers can now experience the student’s response via our Audience Response Systems (learner response systems) which have teacher / trainer handsets.

Genee Slate allows accessibility around the classroom. With the launch of our new Genee Collaborative hardware which has multiple screens to be controlled and viewed simultaneously.
Our new software allows mobile devices such as Apple, Android and Linux to be seamlessly integrated.

We all are unique with our own approach and grasping power. In a class, with a stipulated time period it becomes increasingly difficult for a teacher to cater to the needs of every student by helping him/her with the learning process on the spot. Many students and little individual attention cause because is important that students learn and work at their own learning pace, Genee brings for you ‘Personalized Learning Modules’ to aid each student.

The ClassComm 5 Learner Response System has a personalized learning module which allows students to answer questions moving to the next only when they ready for it. These way students will not develop any inferiority complex and with time their confidence and learning pace with increase.

The personalized learning module lets the teachers set “paper based” questions which can be answered electronically via Genee handsets as a recording device.

Bring the whole new Dimension of Teaching Learning Technology at your place with Genee Technologies because you want the best and Genee gives the best.

As Genee Technology has developed collaborative learning by making collaborative software’s which allow sharing such as Genee Cube. Two or more screens can now share the same content allowing the teacher or student to take control of the session.

Leave the boring dusty classrooms behind. Get Smart classrooms and Get Smart with Genee!