Providing World-Class Interactive Communication Technology Resources for Smart Classrooms

In the today’s world the mode of studying has changed by leaps and bounds. Notebooks have been replaced by online assignments, calculations are no longer done using pen and paper and the traditional blackboards have been substituted by highly modernized interactive whiteboards, visuaizers and projectors. Smart classroom enables the teachers to create technology-rich study material that helps them in educating the students in a more effective and pleasing manner. With the introduction of Smart Classrooms studying has become more of a mode of enjoyment while grasping all the vital knowledge.

GENEE India ProductsGenee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a rising emperor that provides world class products for designing the perfect smart classrooms. From Visualisers to Interactive Whiteboards and from Educational Software to Projectors and Response Systems, we manufacture almost all sorts of equipments which can definitely enrich the learning experience while holding the interest of the students. We at Genee make sure that all our products go through a vigorous quality test so as to provide excellent quality along with best performance. Some of our products that play a vital role in making classroom a SMART classroom are:

Visualisers: Our range of incredible visualisers has been luring both educational as well as corporate sectors. With compact designing, five years guarantee, and our best in class services, Genee visualisers are definitely the best pick for your organization.

Interactive Whiteboards: Learning becomes a fun act when you study on our sensational interactive whiteboards. These boards transform simple classrooms into dynamic smart classrooms where content is targeted to a large number of people in an interactive manner.

Projectors: Used for projecting large pictures even on smaller space, our projectors have been designed with the latest technology. The best feature of our projector is that they can create big images in small presentation halls without any shadow hitch or light annoying the presenter’s face.

Educational Software: We at Genee deploy highly knowledgeable teachers, curriculum writers, photographers and animators to develop various educational software. These educational software are extremely engaging and include a number of illustrations, videos, animations, images and graphics. We provide a list of software including Genee Gold, CenS-Us, Genee Explorer, Clicker 6, Geneemation, Early Years OnBoard and much more.

Response System: Effortless and cost-effective, our amazing selection of response systems has been launched to provide both the corporate as well as education environment. With products like Pebble, Genee Pad, iQ-Pad and Virtual G-Pad, Genee response system never fails to hook teachers, trainers and presenters.

The idea of learning while enjoying now seems to be a realistic one with unbelievable range of products offered by us. We understand the role of learning in the life of a student and thus make every possible effort to make their experience of gaining knowledge an interesting one by ditching the typical customary approach towards education. Interactive classrooms not only boost the interest of the children in studying but also offer them a clearer picture of what they read and write.