Need for a Smart Classroom

HRD-ProvidersBefore we go about discussing what interactive communication technology products do we need to enhance our teaching learning processes at the classroom level, we need to first answer the question, “Why do we even need a smart class?” This question is really important and unless we know and are thoroughly convinced by the vital role that a smart digital class plays in the impartation of education today, we will never be able to fully equip ourselves or train the future generation into becoming ready for the tech savvy time to come.

As time is progressing, the amount of data, knowledge bank, global events, and scientific inventions, breakthroughs, literally EVERY THING is INCREASING  i.e., History is amassing. And seriously, it’s massive! Do you think your little one or even you can learn everything? Do you think that we can actually commit all of these things to memory?

The simple answer is ‘NO’

So what do we do now?

What kind of education should we impart to the future generation?

One where they have to learn everything?


Do they need to be taught rational logical thinking to aid in accessing data, making observations and deducing from inferences gathered?

Since we cannot learn everything by rote, which in any case is ‘Bad’, we need to revise our education methodology. And it is here that we come to the topic in hand. Since knowledge is vast and time so short wherein we have to teach a lot to the students, we need to devise a course structure that emphasizes learning by nurturing and fostering natural curiosities along with providing technology that helps in smooth accessing of data.

A smart Class is just that and so much more. Here’s the why:

  • A digital smart classroom first of all simulates the visual and auditory senses of the students in a much more effective way than the old teacher teaching- student listening approach. Children learn faster and also retain information for longer span of time when they are presented with AV and ICT aids like Visualisers, Audio systems, Smart boards, computers, projectors and student response systems.
  • Further, smart classes come with internet facility, so the world of information is at your touch. You do not have to wait to solve your problems, clear your doubts and waste unnecessary time because you do not have a data or piece of information critical to the resolution of your query.
  • Not only this, a smart class lends a high tech ambience that makes the students ready for the technology of tomorrow. It helps them get used to the fast pace of teaching learning processes, enhances a child’s own reasoning and analytical skills which are most needed.
  • Because information is just out there, the burden of rote learning what happened when and who ruled which kingdom gets considerably reduced.
  • No distractions.
  • An interactive class is so much fun. It is quite true. Learning truly becomes an enjoyable experience when focus is lent on clearing concepts and developing analytical skills in children.
  • Another advantage is that by the personalized learning modules, a child can learn at his own pace without feeling inferior or developing complexes of any sort.  With response systems you can take quizzes, time your tests, emphasize concepts unclear to students, or evaluate instantly any child’s performance and compare it with his past performances, chart his growth and devise plans for an effecting teaching methodology.

The advantage list is really endless. With so much of benefits to the future generation of our nation, do not hesitate before getting a smart class for your school.