Genee K12 Content And Software: Promoting Quick and Easy Learning

K-12 Software is the educational content meant for the students in the various standards. The entire content is made in accordance with the syllabus meant for them. The software allows children in learning their lessons with much easy and understanding the same in a perfect manner.

Educational Contant and SoftwareGenee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed organization engaged in providing K12 Software. This content is used for formative as well as assumptive assessment for various classes. The range of Software offered by us is made using illustrations, videos, animations, images and graphics. This enables the students to easily understand the text and images in the lessons. The content comprises of detailed and interactive information about various chapters and topics. Further, quizzes related to these topics are also included in the software to evaluate the knowledge gained by students on the basis of a test. To accomplish the same with question of numerous types with proper illustrations enable the students to get a hold of the question.

This helps the students to be more than a ‘book-worm’ and rather be more knowledgeable about the topic. Moreover, it eases the task of a teacher to handle a large group of students simultaneously. Made in accordance with the CBSE syllabus, the entire content is written in an easy and clear manner. The wide use of the K12 Software offered by us can be seen in various schools situated all over the nation.

The software offered under this range are:

  • Genee Gold Content Class XII
  • Genee Gel
  • Clicker 6 India
  • Geneemation
  • Early Years On Board
  • Genee Toolbar
  • Genee Explorer
  • Primary On Board Content

The entire range is highly recommended by our valuable clients for its following features:

Early-EducationEasy language: Made by expert writers and teachers, the content is written in a student-friendly language with proper word usage and sentence construction.

Increases interactivity: Since the students experience more practical sessions and are freed from the burden of textbooks, their participation increases in the classroom and a more interactive environment is built.

Perfect demonstration: The software offered carries written content as well as related images, pictures, illustrations and videos. This helps in clearly explaining about the displayed topic or lesson.

Time-saving: The availability of the software for different classes enables the teachers to get rid of the paperwork books and thus brings forward an advanced version of educational industry.

Offered in a collective form of information, pre-prepared questions & answers with related photos or animations the content cover all the syllabus of the curriculum. Besides enabling the teachers to introduce an innovative way of education this also helps to take the teaching session to new untouched heights.