Interactive Whiteboards: Creating a Fun Filled Learning Environment

As compared to the earlier days, learning today has become a process which involves things that can be easily learn and remembered by the pupils. To make it more easy and interactive way of staying informed, schools, colleges and institutes have reached to more advanced solutions. Interactive whiteboards are the most demanded solutions to cater to the variegated needs of the educational sector.

genee-powerboard_2Interactive Whiteboards are large interactive display that connects to a computer, projector and requisite things. To transfer the functions of the computer to these boards a PC or Laptop can be used. These functions however can be controlled with the help of stylus (multimedia pen), fingers and gestures. Most commonly these boards are fixed on to a wall or floor stand as desired by the user. The most common operation system used for these whiteboards is Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. These boards require some of the basic accessories, which are at times provided by the company like wireless pen, wall mounting parts, USB extended cable, stand, eraser etc.

Today most of the whiteboards are provided with various accessories for easy operation. These smart boards are acclaimed in the market for their below described attributes:

User-friendly: Provided with all the necessary manuals and software, these boards are easy to use and are equipped with numerous functions and applications to ease the work of the presenter. Most of companies offering these boards make available all the necessary guidelines and handling manuals to their clients.

Smooth surface: These electronic boards are made employing latest technology and material that ensure easy operation, smooth surface and optimum performance.

Low maintenance cost: Owing to their tough design and perfect finish, these boards assure longer functional life and are thus highly durable.

Easy operation: The Interactive boards are available in the market in different dimensions and size ranges. To make sure the user easily understand the way of operating these boards is provided with a fully described instructional manual and guidelines.

Multiple options: There are a large number of companies involved in this offering interactive whiteboards. As a result, the user has multiple options for sizes, dimensions, prices and other specifications that can satisfy their needs most accurately.

Increases Interaction: Being the most advanced and latest development in the educational sector, interactive whiteboards make teaching & learning a vast new experience.

Interactive whiteboards are used in a various areas such as classrooms, boardrooms, presentation halls, training rooms and allied areas by teachers and presenters. The form of interaction for the projected content on these whiteboards may vary as the following ways:

  • Touch-based board
  • Electromagnetic pen & associated software
  • Ultrasonic pen
  • Infrared scan technology
  • Resistive

Interactive whiteboards are interactive displays, which are used in various schools, colleges, institutes, corporate sector and board rooms. These boards can be easily paired up with laptop, PC, projector and other systems as desired by the user. Made using various advanced technology the mode of interaction varies from one board to another. These boards are highly recommended by teachers, presenters and trainers` for their striking features such as easy to use, cost-free maintenance and durable.