Planning Interactive Teaching Strategies with Genee

Education is the basic foundation that gives a child the platform to develop his skills and widen his knowledge. They learn to communicate with the outside world and make a special bond of companionship while learning some of the most crucial concepts of life. Taking the importance of education into consideration, Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. has come up with a vast range of smart products to promote the concept of interactive teaching and learning. We at Genee have been making great efforts to introduce technology in classrooms so as to offer students a smart learning environment which may boost and enhance their classroom participation and experience. With our modern products including interactive whiteboards, visualizers, response systems and projectors, we have created a beautiful canvas of studying with more happy faces in classrooms.

We have made an in-depth research in the field of interactive teaching strategies and thus have induced our products with extremely powerful and useful technologies. Some of our reputed products which have been creating a stir in educational field are:

Interactive Whiteboards: This piece of technology has already made many jaws drop with its modern features and outstanding usage. Genee interactive whiteboards come in many authentic models having unique features. Some of the specifications that make Genee interactive whiteboards a winning horse are:

  • Available in various sizes including 48”, 56″, 78″, 88″ and 105″.
  • Touch system using Pen, wand or finger.
  • Resolution of 4096 x 4096 pixels
  • 120 inches/second cursor speed
  • Clubbed with many accessories like 3 interactive pens (red, black and blue), eraser, pen tray and floor stand (Optional).

Projectors: Capable of projecting large images even on tighter spaces, Genee projectors come as extremely useful equipment for those who do not wish to buy an interactive whiteboard. They have been fed with marvelous features so as to enrich the learning process of the students without any hiccups.

  • High Brightness
  • High Contrast Ratio
  • Long Lamp Life
  • Filter Free Design
  • BrilliantColourTM Technology
  • Closed Captioning
  • Panel Key Lock
  • Quick Cooling
  • Quick Auto Search
  • Standby Power < 1W
  • Security Password
  • High Altitude Mode
  • HDTV Compatible

Visualizers: Highly popular among schools as well as corporate sectors, Genee Vision Visualizers carry the best specifications which make them smart and useful equipments for interactive learning. They come in various models and amaze the users with their marvelous list of features including:

  • Image & Video capture
  • Full Auto Focus
  • Image functions: negative/positive, freeze, mirror, black and white
  • HDMI output
  • Split screen and title screen options

Response Systems: Ideal for collecting real time data to present it to the audience, Genee response systems make together as a crucial part in any interactive classroom. They are smart in collecting all the data from the participants and display it in the most effective manner. Some of the best selling response systems of Genee are:

  • The Pebble
  • Genee Pad
  • iQ-Pad
  • Virtual G-Pad