The Rising ‘Interactive K-12’ Trend

People these days are raving about the interactive K-12 Content. And to be more precise, it is the interactive K-12 education they are talking about.

K12 EducationSo what is this K12 Education exactly?
K – 12 Education (wherein ‘K’ stands for ‘Kindergarten’) is basically the sum total of the education provided from the Kindergarten to the very senior secondary years.

What contribution does ‘ICT’ make to K-12 Education?
Information and Communication Technology commonly referred to as ‘ICT’ lends a whole new dimension to the plain old traditional system of imparting Education. The integration of multimedia in education domain has greatly improved and enhanced the whole teaching, learning and training processes and aided in achieving great performance results.

Genee Interactive K12 ContentInteractive K12 Education
Interactive Education involves the integration of computing technology and multimedia in the educational courseware. Children when taught in an interactive manner via computer systems, learn at a much faster pace. With the advent of response systems, teaching has become a much more efficacious and comfortable activity.

  • Boosts both the activities: Teaching and Learning
    It is true when we say that Interactive educational content significantly improvises and boosts the learning curve of young minds and increases the performance index of the teacher taking classes. When the teacher has the support of multimedia teaching becomes a much more enjoyable and effective process. Many scientific studies conducted have obtained better learning results when classes were taken via computer-based multimedia systems than the conventional classroom practices.
  • The Graphic Effect
    Animations, audio and video clips, diagrams, charts, drawings and other images have strongly proven to have a long lasting impact on the young minds, thus, speeding up the whole learning process. All of this visual input when given to the students via interactive education products like visualisers, whiteboards, projectors, speaker systems and other presentation  tools, greatly enhances the information retention process in students.
  • Time and Cost-effective
    Though expensive when compared to the negligible teaching methodology of the old, but this one time investment would benefit you, your organization, and your students for a long time to come. Interactive education gives you the facility of learning and getting trained in a risk free environment along with availing all the learning benefits without the expense of actually travelling somewhere.
  • Modular
    Interactive content focuses on clearing concepts via animated and graphical content. This ensures information retention over a longer period of time. The study material is packaged in the form of standalone modules which are highly structured, consistent and organized. This eases the teachers or trainers to just go through or skip any part they want.
  • Convenience
    Interactive Education can be obtained anywhere, in your classroom or your home. You can learn via multimedia learning centre at home, school or work place and even when you are traveling to some place.  This vouchsafes more flexibility.
  • Real Life Examples: The Pragmatic Aspect
    There is nothing better than real life examples or content based on situations which the learners will face in their real life. This is the best way of teaching as it helps instill confidence among the learners to develop better decision making abilities, skills etc with respect to real time scenarios.
  • Learner Engaging
    This is the USP of Interactive Education. Replete with live-action videos, audio clips, graphic input, and a built in question bank, learners are kept interested, their minds engaged and skills developed. The interactive content is user friendly and keeps the classroom ambience light, exciting, conducive to learning and challenging.

K12 Education Benefits

  • Interactive education first of all ensures fortifying the conceptual base of students from the very root level.
  • For a teacher or a trainer, it is an amazing tool that instantly gives an impetus to the instructor’s confidence.
  • Helps students/learners to become ready for industry employment.
  • Strong emphasis on the development of core skills.
  • International standards in education and training as the world of information is at your fingertips and due to global information at your disposal, you are always updated about the latest.