Changing age old pedagogy with Interactive Education

With the ever increasing competition in the educational sector, every now and then schools stay on the look out for modern technology so that they may step out of the crowd and set a benchmark. This struggle to be “different” is the key reason which has given rise to the concept of Interactive Education. This kind of education takes shape when technology is induced in the classroom. Students are freed from the typical boring method of learning as they step into a new world where learning means more than grasping bookish knowledge. They become smart kids and immerse in the pool of knowledge that unblocks their innocent minds.

genee-powerboard_2Interactive education has completely changed the role of students in a classroom. Earlier teachers used to give hour long lectures and students used to listen like mere spectators. However, now students play a greater role in classroom activities as they answer questions, share their ideas and partake physically to give demonstrations. Interactive mode of learning includes multiple icebreakers and brainteasers to inspire the students think out of the box. Moreover, the problem solving activities conducted on the digital whiteboards (a must have equipment in an interactive classroom) also catch the fancy of the students and let them get engrossed in their course material while understanding every bit of knowledge shared.

Unlike traditional classrooms, interactive classrooms give a wider view of all the concepts at the very beginning of the lecture. The presenter or the tutor gives students a brief about what the lecture would include so that the students get an outline of the concept which helps them in better understanding it.
Interactive whiteboard plays a great role in any smart classroom. These whiteboards have been introduced to give a wider view to the students. They do not need to shove each other to get the proper glimpse of the board as a giant screen keeps their eyes glued. Moreover, interactive whiteboards also give power to the teachers to perform multiple functions in one go. There are also many shortcuts available on the board meant to perform quick functions like opening pages, editing, painting tools, saving option and much more.

These smart boards project images shown on the computer or laptop with the help of projectors. There is an extensive range of projectors available in the market featuring marvelous specifications. They offer clear views of all the images projected thus enriching the classroom experience of both the presenter as well as the spectators.