Genee Technologies India: Leading Maker and Marketer Of Interactive Education Products & Services

The concept of interactive education is though not new, it is still expanding its horizons rapidly. Now all schools want to conduct smart classrooms in order to offer an interesting learning environment to their students. By deploying interactive educational services, schools can surely gain the benefits of interactivity, immediate feedback, and gratification. In contrast to traditional classrooms where students only hear the teachers and gain partial knowledge due to lack of interest, interactive education services hook the students for long and let them learn while having fun.

GENEE India ProductsGenee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a key supplier of various interactive education services aimed at providing a healthy educational platform to the students. Aimed at providing excellent interactive education services to the customers, Genee has made a deep research in the field of interactive learning and thus has come out with some outstanding products. The products of Genee are considered to be imbedded with incredible features and promise durability as well. Some of the smart class equipments that Genee has rolled into the market are:

Interactive Whiteboards: The smart way to study, smart boards manufactured by Genee are considered to be highly durable and come with numerous features. With the help of vibrant animations, videos and audios, Genee interactive boards offer a range of features which make them extremely beneficial and modern than the traditional blackboards.

Visualiser: The wide variety of visualizers extended by Genee infuses life to the dream of a smart classroom. The Genee Vision Visualiser range includes easy to use products featuring excellent specifications giving tough fight to all other visualizers present in the market. Competitive prices, fine designs, durability and time saving factors make Genee visualizers smart choice for modern users.

Response Systems: Genee response systems help in providing cost effective and easy learning in educational as well as corporate sectors. They efficiently gather real time data from the audience and display their views on a wider platform.

Projectors: Best for scanning large images even on tighter spaces, Genee projectors are the new babies of the technology world. Ditching the traditional heavy weight projectors, these latest projectors have extremely short throw ratio that creates an enlarged image in a small presentation hall without putting that irritating white light on the presenter’s face.

ICT Accessories: You may enhance the usage of above said products by exploring the range of ICT Accessories offered by Genee including Genee Slate, Genee Classcreen, Click to Control and Genee Magic Pen.