Visualisers by Genee: For a Brighter NextGen

Technology today has become an inexplicable part of our daily life. To think about living without being surrounded by the cocoon of luxury that technology today offers us, we’d be all like the primitive early men. And I’m pretty sure, even accomplishing simple day to day ordinary tasks will become insurmountable!

Genee VisualiserThe use of such technology media is what transforms an ordinary teaching learning room into a smart digital classroom. With its impressive audio video aids, response systems, feedback analysis programs, big projection screens, interactive whiteboards, multimedia pens, animated content and so on, teaching has become a highly efficacious process engaging the attention and participation of all.

Genee’s interactive Information and Communication Technology products have always been a rage in the E Learning arena. And with time they have gained even more popularity. As they benefit various industrial organizations, Human Resource Consultancies, Trainers and Educational institutions etc.

The Genee Vision Visualisers are high definition document cameras which come in user friendly models. These visualisers come in a range of models offering convenience to a varied lot of people. With their best in class specifications, you can snatch a Genee Vision Visualiser for yourself at highly pocket friendly prices.

Visualisers are one of the widely used presentation tools used in the E Learning as well as corporate domain. Though the world has witnessed the cropping up of a wide range of ICT products facilitating education like never before, still the demand for visualisers or document cameras as they are popularly known has never been out or decreased. Visualisers are awesome teaching and presentation tools.

Genee’s range of Vision Visualisers:

  1. genee-vision-visualiserGenee Vision 50
  2. Genee Vision 150
  3. Genee Vision 2100
  4. Genee Vision 2200
  5. Genee Vision 3100
  6. Genee Vision 6100
  7. Genee Vision 8100
  8. Genee Vision 9100

All the above mentioned eight ranges of Genee Vision Visualisers are unique in their own ways.  All our visualisers have been specially designed for a select clientele. They come with a robust and compact design, offer a five year guarantee and are totally seconded by

Genee’s very own dependable customer and technical support team. Each visualiser model carries a high definition camera to capture live images from anywhere in the room where you are doing your presentation and coupled with an interactive whiteboard, you are empowered to label and annotate live on any article whether it be two dimensional or three! Our products are demanded by freelancer fashion designers, educationists, trainers and corporate presenters alike for the simple reason that they render the whole teaching, learning and presentation processes much more efficacious and wholesome.

9.  Genee Vision Elite

A high performance document camera, Genee Vision Elite comes packed with attractive features like a touch panel, optimum clarity zoom, HDMI output, LCD screen and one touch rotation features.

10.  Genee Flex

Equipped with a viewing angle, a gooseneck, multi camera support, software controlled functions and incredible focusing ability, Genee Flex is a handy visualiser optimised to operate on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac & Linux.

11.  Genee Air

The Vaddio Genee Air Visualiser is a complete ceiling-mounted visualiser system that comes with 300 X zoom function, laser positioning guide, smart connections, and high quality CCD image sensors along with adjustable stereo microphones. A definite must have ICT product for smooth presentation experience. It causes no disruption in your lectures because it is mounted on the ceiling.