What makes Electronic Whiteboards a Must Have ICT Resource in the Educational and Corporate Domain

Electronic whiteboard is basically projection screens that look very much like whiteboards. However, the features of these interactive screens are endless. They work best to target a large audience while offering a clearer and much brighter picture of the content. From schools to multinational firms, such wide screened smart boards have been designed to cater the needs of all sorts of users.

Some of the features that make electronic whiteboards a must have for schools are corporate offices are:

  • Offer multimedia chapters and presentations including audio and video
  • Collaborative problem solving methods
  • Showcase student projects and presentations
  • Virtual field trips
  • Kid magnets
  • Simply interactive

Keeping such an increasing demand of high-tech and reliable electronic whiteboard in the market, Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. offers you a wide range of interactive whiteboards. We are engaged into manufacturing the best quality whiteboards which are easy to use, operate and manage. Considering the needs of the users we support all our electronic whiteboards with highly efficient software and world-class technology to make a benchmark in the world of technology. The common usage of such interactive whiteboards can be seen in schools, universities, and business firms.

Interactive whiteboard

Electronic Whiteboard

Some of the models offered by our organization are given below:

Genee Powerboard: Ideal for supporting real time on-screen editing, this well equipped equipment is perfect for doing background selection and incorporating custom graphics/images. Whether you wish to create, edit or make innovative designs, this board performs all the functions in minimum time span. Genee Powerboard works with the help of advanced IR technology that recognizes pen and touch of your finger.

Genee Sense: Equipped with a special feature of transforming usual any surface into an highly interactive whiteboard, Genee Sense is yet another marvelous product of Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. With features like multi-function stylus, customized function hotkey, ability to support any whiteboard and 2.4G wireless connection to the computer, Genee Sense comes out as a highly sensational product. Just connect it to your computer and step into the world of future.

Pro Digital+: A powerful whiteboard comprising electromagnetic technology, Pro Digital+ gives you the command to write, draw and annotate with the help of a multimedia pen. The electronic whiteboard is perfect for handling presentations comprising of multiple colored pictures, text and sounds. The board also features an array of programmed keys that let the users perform various functions in just one touch.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now and enrich your world of learning with our highly modernized and superior smart boards. We ensure high quality products and spend a quality time checking the features and software of all our products to offer complete satisfaction to the customers.