Time and Cost Effective Bespoke E-Learning Solutions

Is your business experiencing educational challenges and needs a solution for it? Well, Genee can be your helping hand. We are specialized in providing world class e-learning solutions which are smart, effective and reasonably priced. From corporate to government and non-profit organizations, we offer amazing course content and excellent custom e-learning strategies in order to produce a well updated and trained workforce which is productive, skillful and holds a elevating status in the market.

Custom e-Learning offered by Genee is an inspiring way to boost up your skills and understanding in the minimum possible time. It is completely based on practical approach with the implementation of multiple graphics, animations, videos and much more. We deal with the manufacturing of an array of products some of which are:

  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Response Systems
  • Visualizers
  • Projectors
  • Educational Software
  • ICT Accessories

Genee manufactures a wide range of interactive whiteboards that will definitely make you forget the traditional blackboards. Write, edit and draw your dreams on these smart boards with just one click of your finger. They give you the power to perform an array of functions in the minimum time frame and generate best real time results that appeal to the audience. Digital whiteboards can make any dull classroom or meeting hall look fascinating and their fabulous features often make viewers wonder and ponder in disbelief.

Apart from this, Genee projectors come imbedded with a special function of projecting even larger images on tighter space. They do not put that irritating white light on the face of the presenter and prove to be best equipment for conducting meetings is small meeting rooms.

Genee also presents amazing collection of response systems which help in gathering real time data from the audience and displaying it on a wider platform. Response Systems like Pebble, Genee Pad, iQ-Pad and Virtual G-Pad are some of the gems that make the dream of interactive classrooms a reality.

If you really want to enrich your custom e-learning experience, then go for one of the ICT Accessories. Accessories like Genee Slate, Genee Classcreen, Genee Magic Pen and Genee Click are perfect for arranging smart presentations and leaving a good impression on your business clients.

We aim at providing our customers complete satisfaction by guiding them with all the features and specifications of our products. All our products are flexible, light and cost effective which again boost up their demand in the market.