Class XII English

In the Indian system of education, it is mandatory that the child clear his intermediate level and then proceed to his college education. Class 12 represents the final test of a student before he is let out in the world to pursue higher studies. Many times, coupled with entrance tests, the grades and marks secured in the senior secondary examination form the very basis of a child’s admission to the college or university of his choice and desire, thus, serving as gateways to a bright career.

Genee India (a sister concern of the UK company Genee World) made a lot of efforts in creating for the benefit of Indian students, a highly engaging animated content with ease of use. The English K12 content for class 12 has been styled on the syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education in India.

Loaded with features, the benefits of Genee K-12 Content are many.

  • Covers all Class 12 English lessons and topics
  • Based on CBSE/NCERT Syllabus.
  • Facility to take Formative & Summative assessment with Student Response System.
  • Question bank and worksheets with both objective and subjective
  • Integrated with interest capturing Images & Animations.
  • Genee K-12 Content can be perfectly used in concurrence with all types of ICT resources including Interactive Whiteboards & Student Response Systems to provide instant feedback, effective lesson plans for future & prompt classroom assessment.

Class 12 K12 Content

Taking a look at the class 12 syllabus, one would be quite satisfied to learn that the curriculum is a complete and balanced diet for a child’s language development. Combining the two areas of Poetry and Prose along with a supplementary reader to fulfill all the needs of language skill building, Genee’s English K12 content for class 12 students is a high quality study pack which can be easily used by all CBSE Board schools in India.

Flamingo is the English reader with a beautiful selection of prose and poetry lessons. The authors and writers are a mixed bunch of Indian nationals as well as international. Each short story has a moral lesson, a message to instill or something important to inspire the students. The poems in themselves are lovely reflections and observations teaching the students to appreciate all they have been blessed with, like parents, relationships, nature, silence, life, beauty and poverty.  Vistas like the name itself is a great supplementary reader book replete with introspections, personal messages, stories, fantastical prose and much more. The questions are both objective as well as thought provoking demanding detailed analysis and personal take on issues. The question bank is such that it cultivates in students the habit to read and write richly in the English Language.

Animations in the lesson help to greatly solidify and turn weaker memories into strong ones because audio and visual inputs to the brain serve to intensify learning. The English study pack is a complete set offering the best in terms of grammar knowledge, literature and fostering the development of a student’s writing abilities. A variety of questions and practice worksheets test the literal, superficial and figurative meaning of the poems and lessons. All in all, Genee’s K12 English content is a wonderful gift to blossom your child’s language learning needs.