Class XI English

The first board examinations are over and you are all set to relax a bit. And why shouldn’t you? After all, class 10 is not that simple an affair and because it is so important, a great deal of impetus is given to the child to perform to the best of his abilities. The outcome determines the choice of subjects (though in a country like India, streams like arts and commerce are usually frowned upon and children usually end up opting for science irrespective of their personal interests, aptitude and natural flair for other subjects).

CBSE Class 11 English However, no matter what stream you choose, English is one subject that is compulsory to study. And before you ask why, here are the reasons. English is a language spoken by a rich and diverse group of people. This international language is spoken everywhere and so it becomes really very important that children learn it and be able to communicate irrespective of their geographical locations. Wherever you go, whatever book you read, software you use, the food menu you read in a restaurant, there is no area of our life that is not practically affected by English. Keeping this in mind, the Genee K12 Content for class XI English has been developed taking into consideration all those elements which foster the growth and development of your child’s cognitive abilities and help to nurture reading, writing, speaking, listening and comprehension skills. The interactive K12 content was designed and crafted by Genee’s expert panel of academic writers, educationists, animators, software developers, and photographers to promote premium education at low costs while giving the benefit of a more impactful all round learning.

Class 11 English syllabus prescribed by CBSE is a rich platter of Prose, Poetry, and Essays with a supplementary reader widening the literature curriculum with a classic and choicest selection of short stories by varied authors. The books Hornbill and Woven World are an eclectic anthologies of poems, stories, excerpts from world famous stories, short extracts, and interesting musings by an interesting bunch of Indian and international authors.

The English literature for class 11 focuses on bringing out in children

  • the ability to read and be able to understand English writings,
  • to discuss the lessons and effectively grasp the hidden, subtle and evident meanings,
  • to build vocabulary because a strong word base forms the basis for an enriched expression,
  • to broaden thinking by bringing together outlooks and ideas by different writers at the same time developing your own take on issues and things,
  • to develop the ability to understand the questions based on the text and write appropriate answers,
  • And last but not the least, the syllabus aims to empower children with the gift of a career where knowledge of a foreign language is an asset.

The introduction of essays in the English curriculum has been a very positive step forward in expanding the scope of English learning by Indian students. Reading essays is a very good habit as it instills in students different perspectives and views about things both ordinary and remarkable. Also, they provide objectivity and improve observation power of the children. To be able to write about something, one needs to be a strong observer. And of course, one needs the tool of language to express beautifully in words. And this is just what Genee K12 CBSE English syllabus for class11 is all about.