Grasping the Social Knowledge with Genee’s Class VIII Social Studies

Teaching contrary to popular opinion is a much difficult job to do.

Just in case you disagree, take a quick look at some very common facts.

With so many children and a whole lot of syllabus to cover, it becomes excessively difficult for the teacher to do both the things. A teacher has to make sure that his lesson plans are precise, that the subject being taught is made captivating enough to hold the students’ attention and interest, maintain discipline, answer queries, ask questions and evaluate the progress of each and every student (ranging from 35 to 40) all in a span of forty minutes!

Difficult doesn’t even describe it.

It is precisely here that Genee comes into picture!Social Studies

Genee India has expertly crafted for the good cause of education a remarkable interactive study pack that boasts of audio and visual aids, simply defined and easy to understand animated course content (exclusively based on the latest norms prescribed the NCERT and followed by all CBSE schools in India), worksheets and practice exercises, notes, experiments, maps, short stories and relevant images/diagrams to elucidate the subject matter in succinct terms.

The class VIII Social Studies curriculum by Genee has been crafted keeping in mind details such    as maintaining the content of each lesson age appropriate. The syllabus has been sectioned into four parts with each focusing on a separate social aspect of the social science. These four segments are:

1.    Geography
2.    Social and Political Life
3.    History Part I
4.    History Part II

Geography focuses on shedding light on sectors such as agriculture, industry, natural resources, vegetation, soil, mineral, power, and human resources etc while social and political life educate the students about the various components which make up the Indian social and political system beginning from the constitution, political laws, the judiciary of India, the concept of secularism, presence of the parliament and much more.

Moving on, Genee’s animated course edifies the children about the history which is segmented into two sections, one informing about mankind’s early settlement and the other teaching about India after independence, the complete national movement, women, reform and caste system, etc.

The Best Features of Genee K12 content for Class 8 Social Studies:

Informative Animations, special voiceovers and Clip Art: These help the students in retaining information over a longer span of time. Not only this, the use of creative media in the ordinary teaching methodology inspires interest in the students to learn effectively.

Easy access to subject material: You just need a computer system to access your creative interactive content and your informative journey begins at once.

Chapter wise Summary & Revision: This special study material lets you reap the benefits of proper chapter wise summary, recapitulations and short notes to effectively revise the subject matter.

Practice exercises: These exercises evaluate the students continuously via periodic formative and summative assessments. Education researchers have all claimed that ICT products have enhanced the effectiveness of not only teaching but also the learning activity.

Formative and Summative Assessment: This content has questions and worksheets which easily let you do formative and summative evaluations as the study pack is based on the syllabus prescribed by NCERT and practiced by all CBSE schools in the country.