Taking Class 5 Mathematics to a new level

Just as the basic objective of the elementary school education is to see to the healthy blooming of a child’s heart, his curiosities, fostering the ability to read and write, develop patience to sit in a class for a stipulated time period, instillation of a sense of discipline along with the building of a strong foundation, similarly Primary Education caters to strengthening the base coupled with the goal of widening the curriculum spectrum via use of elementary tools.

Class 5 MathematicsAt primary level the children are old enough to understand instructions and follow them. As a teacher, one has to play the massive role of shaping these clay models into citizens of model behavior. The education of Mathematics plays a vital role in our life. It is a MUST. Mathematics is not just a subject we are taught at school, it is a life science because many of the things we do in our everyday life require the use of Mathematics. Math is not about addition and subtraction or learning to multiply and divide. Math is all about application in our real life.

From learning to tell time, shopping at a store, travelling and estimating distances, preparing a budget for ourselves, drawing analysis and comparisons and so much more, all these are some common things we all do on a daily basis. To solve all these issues, Genee India after spending considerable time discussing these vital points with the best educationists, panel of graphic designers, animators and writers has come forward with their amazing K12 content- a complete and whole study pack for your child.

Genee’s Math content for class 5 is a smartly crafted study material which has been based on the rules and regulations prescribed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (popularly known as the NCERT) and dutifully followed by all the CBSE Schools in India. What is so special about Genee’s Math content is that it is highly interactive with the following features:

Class 5 CBSE syllabus content

  • Totally compatible with Interactive Whiteboards for enhanced educational experience
  • Facilitates instant feedback collection and assessment with Genee’s Student Response Systems
  • Attractive animation clips
  • Special voiceovers
  • Lucid and simplified explanation of difficult concepts
  • Appropriate examples to support the topics/idea/subject
  • Relevant diagrams and pictures elucidating the topic
  • Practice worksheets and exercises
  • Test sheets

The whole ambience of a dull classroom becomes alive with Genee’s study packs.

Mathematics Syllabus for Class 5

  1. Measurement
  2. Shapes and Angles
  3. 3-D and 2-D shape
  4. Fraction
  5. Number Pattern
  6. Factor and Multiple
  7. Area of Triangle
  8. Map and Direction
  9. Boxes
  10. Units of measurement
  11. Perimeter of Rectangle

There is no product better suited to enhance your child’s analytical and computational skills as Genee’s interactive K-12 Math study pack. The curriculum is wholesome and balanced. It fulfils every requirement of a primary school child with respect to honing his/her mathematical abilities. So what are you waiting for!? Go ahead and bring home our amazing product as a special gift for your child’s brilliant future.