Genee CBSE Software for Smart Students

With the sole aim of making studies easier and interesting Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. has come up with CBSE software. The software has created a revolution in the education system which has always been more theoretical than practical. Genee CBSE software has been made by a highly proficient team of teachers, animators and writers who engross all their knowledge into making the best practice material for students of all classes starting from 1st to 12th.

forbes_3One of the most appealing and knowledge mode of studying, CBSE Software gives you a multimedia interactive platform where you learn while having endless fun. It makes a classroom of the future where impossible seems possible. The wide range of subjects including Math, English, Hindi, Environmental studies, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Political Science & Geography covered under CBSE Software have been designed keeping the strict CBSE pattern in mind.

Some of the key features which make Genee CBSE Software a smart way of studying are:

Early-EducationIncludes Images and Animations: Every chapter in CBSE Software features multihued images and attractive animations which appeal to students of all age groups and likes. Studying with the help of visual pictures help the students in getting a clear view of all the concepts which may stay in their minds forever.

Use of Interactive Whiteboard: CBSE Software is compatible with interactive whiteboards which are considered to be extremely interactive and target a large audience rather than only few students.

Based on CBSE Syllabus: We make sure that all the study material provided in CBSE software is based on CBSE standards so that it may fit the needs of all the schools. We have also included special practice questions in the form of fill ups, calculations, etc to check the skills of the students.

Covers All Subjects: Genee CBSE software covers all the subjects so as to provide an all inclusive platforms to the students and teachers.

So now when you have enough reasons to avail our CBSE software, read below to know about some major software that we have on board for our clients:

  • Pre-Primary On Board
  • Genee Future Class
  • Genee Gold
  • Geneemation
  • Early Years OnBoard
  • Prim-Ed
  • Genee Explorer
  • Clicker 6
  • K-12 Content

So contact us today and make your classroom a smart classroom to offer an interesting platform to the children. Lets make studies an interesting job with Genee CBSE software.