CBSE High School English Made Easy

Before your child leaves the nest to study and explore the world on his own, he needs to pass these two very important levels.

  • Class 10
  • Class 12

Only after the successful completion of these two, will he be considered eligible to pursue his further studies in a college.

Class 10 EnglishClass X is a very important and crucial determiner of the student’s aptitude, time management ability, academic skills and knowledge base. Because at Genee we understand the paramount significance of English language in the course structure and life of a student, we have designed a strong course structure (completely based on CBSE’s stringent guidelines and norms) that spans every need of a high school student and supplements it with its richness of concentrated curriculum structure, grammar, variety of content, sufficient reading material and a strong focus on vocabulary building.

We aim to provide, “Elegant expression”.

The beauty of language can only be realized when one tries to incorporate different words and phrases for expressing even the simplest of everyday things. Before we move on to discuss what makes Genee’s K12 Class 10 English content so impressive, let us take a look at what our package offers you.

Significant Features of Genee Class X English Curriculum:

  • Interactive content
  • Covers all Class 10 grammar, prose and poetry.
  • The syllabus is structured on the norms of NCERT making it easy to be used by any child in the country.
  • Facility of taking Formative & Summative assessments with Genee’s Student Response Systems.
  • Integrated with interest capturing Images & Animations.
  • Compatible with Interactive Whiteboards

The Delight of Sensory Extravagance

Genee’s English content for standard 10 is in without doubt a treat for hungry language seeking minds. WHY?

The answer’s simple.

10 Class EnglishGenee English content is not a one sided teaching aid where the teacher would talk and lecture while the students sit bored with minds wandering away. With Genee’s interactive content, the students can actually avail the pleasure of watching what they read and hearing the text via special voiceovers and audio clips inserted in the lessons. This makes the old and boring lessons come alive and inspires interest in the subject.

Interesting video and audio clips spike the interest level and this has shown to increase the lesson retention power of the students.

Ample of Language Exercises and Test Series

What makes learning permanent is the amount of time invested to practice what you learnt. The application of theory is very important and unless one practices these skills, mastery cannot be gained. Whether it be the development of one’s comprehension reading abilities, the creative writing, grammar knowledge, or vocabulary development, one cannot become fluent and attain proficiency in the language. Genee’s box of English content for class 10 comes packed with tests, assignments and lot of practice questions to keep the children’s language skills sharp.

Perfect Unison of correct Grammatical Structure and Elegant Expression

We pay great attention to these twin aspects of language teaching and learning process. Our reading list is definitely extensive and is all inclusive of a variety of comprehension exercises, composition writing questions based on visual and verbal stimulus like making a brochure, pamphlet, itinerary or poster and writing a debate, article, letter or speech etc; short writing exercises include drafting messages, notices, telegrams and writing postcards.

Simultaneous development of vocabulary with numerous exercises on word meanings, homophones, sentence completion, fill ups, punctuation and spellings along with interactive classroom activity work their way to foster amazingly effective communication skills.