Hindi Language: The Face of Indian Culture and our Heritage

CBSE Class 10 HindiHindi is our mother tongue. Needless to say, today we find children not paying attention to the language that is such an essential part of our culture and history. It is a common sight to see and hear children say that they do not know the Hindi counting or terms for common everyday use articles for that matter. In fact, for little things they disregard the use of their national language. You might think we are getting emotional about the language topic. But it is not about sentiments or the spirit of patriotism. It is about knowledge.

Yes, knowledge is power. Language knowledge is the

The Elements of the Syllabus:

  1. लिंग
  2. कारक
  3. सर्वनाम
  4. विशेषण की अवस्थाएँ
  5. वाच्य
  6. अलंकार
  7. अव्यय
  8. शब्द, पद और पदबंध
  9. वाक्यों की संरचना और वाक्य रूपांतरण
  10. पत्र-लेखन
  11. संधि
  12. पद – परिचय
  13. क्रिया
  14. पर्यायवाची और विलोम

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    Genee’s Hindi Content for class 10 students is the complete package for all language requisites. It stands firm on all criteria required for a balanced syllabus needed for children at class X level. First of all, the syllabus is styled on CBSE’s guidelines.

Class 10 HindiThe syllabus imparts effective knowledge of Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Tenses, Idioms, Phrases, Figures of Speech, Sentence construction and its transformation, synonyms, antonyms and letter, paragraph, composition writing. Along with this, many other literature and grammar aspects are taught to the children via Genee intensive Hindi content for class X language learning needs. Also, development of vocabulary takes place simultaneously with numerous exercises on word meanings, homophones, sentence completion, fill ups, punctuation and spellings along with interactive classroom activity for building effective Hindi verbal and written communication skills.

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    The content being animated is highly interactive and catches student attention quickly. The whole content has been carefully designed and written by a team of specialist content writers and educators with a lot of experience in the same field. It covers all aspects of the learning skills, from reading and writing to listening and speaking in Hindi.
  • Worksheets, Revision exercises and practice questions
    With a plethora of practice questions and exercises at your service, you can practice and hone your Hindi language knowledge
  • Instant Feedback
    One of the best attractive features of the content is that you get instant results. Genee offers you the benefit to give time and speed tests so as to bolster your performance in the exam time.
  • Emphasis on enriching language by building a sturdy vocabulary.
    The Hindi content of Genee’s K12 study pack aims to create an impressive linguistic ambience via use of Genee’s various ICT products. This is done with a view to bring alive the dull classroom experience children normally have. At Genee, we aim to take the students beyond classroom learning. We strive to motivate the students to participate actively in understanding communicative practices. So, if you wish to benefit your child, buy Genee K12 content for class 10 Hindi and see how quickly children develop an aptitude and interest for the same.