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Class 12 Science

We all have heard so much about this word! There are so many people who have defined this branch of knowledge. But let’s just say, if we did not have the help of any of those definitions, how would we think of science? What do you think is science all about?

Science is such a great body of knowledge. It is a process encompassing observation, experimentation, innovation, logic, discovery, facts and a consistency in the results of a procedure. We call something scientific when it follows certain laws which remain constant and can in no terms be subject to terms such as a ‘miracle’!

Today we are surrounded by Science. We cannot go through life, not even for a day if we were to be kept devoid of all the wondrous works and boons that science has given to us. Genee class 12 Science content is a wholesome syllabus fulfilling all of your child’s hunger for the how and why of things. While the students will engage in the learning activity in a more pronounced enjoyable way, they will also benefit from the well structured and impressive course content for developing and answering all your child’s curiosities.

Significant Features and Benefits of Genee K-12 Content for CBSE class 12:

  • Interactive instructional media with Images and Animations.
  • All subjects including Hindi.
  • Compatible with Interactive Whiteboard.
  • Formative & Summative assessment with Student Response System.
  • Covers CBSE Syllabus as per NCERT Curriculum.

Taking a Dive into the Awesome Threesome of Science!

  • Exploring Physics: Science is such a wonderful way to discover and explore the universe and everything in it. Science teaches us to reason, apply logic and find the causality of events and other naturally or unnaturally occurring phenomenon. At class 12 level, the curriculum becomes more focused from the general science education imparted in the lower classes. The current and revised Genee Physics content duly notes and considers the depth of disciplinary approach as well as the comprehension level of learners. Genee content is of international standards. Genee Class XII physics exercises come with a multitude of objective and subjective questions. Scientists are motivated by the thrill of seeing or figuring out something that no one has before.
  • Teaching TechnologiesLearning Chemistry: In this competitive education era, a proper learning guidance is the first and foremost requirement of every student. The curriculum of Class XII Chemistry is obviously vast. Importance has been given to learning the use of new nomenclature, symbols and formulations, learning of fundamental concepts, application of these concepts in real world industry/ technology, logical sequencing of units, removal of obsolete content and repetition etc. The Genee content has been specifically designed to educate the students about the practical applications and aspects of Chemistry. The knowledge generated by science is powerful and reliable. It can be used to develop new technologies, treat diseases, and deal with many other sorts of problems.
  • Unraveling Biology: class XII Biology emphasizes biological concepts and connects the study of biology to real life through the use of technology. It links the discoveries and innovations made in the world of this life science to everyday life, such as environment, industry, health and agriculture. The objective is to lessen the syllabus load while ensuring ample development room for learning and applying knowledge practically is ongoing.

Class VII English

Studies are important and even more important than simply studying is the content of what you study. The subject matter and the way it is structured are twin essential components of what make for a great educational curriculum. Genee K12 English content is exactly that- A Great Educational Curriculum!

Genee K12 ContentWe all know that a new academic session always comes like spring, like a breath of fresh air. It is a much anticipated time for children. While primary schooling lays the foundation of the academic life of a student, secondary education cements it and builds upon it the structure that would support us throughout our life.  At class 7 level, the foundation is laid and the process of acquiring new knowledge and information begins at a heady pace. At such a point care must be taken that information and its presentation be done in such a way that it elicits nothing but interest and participative response from the students.

Periodically Revised and Updated: The knowledge bank is continuously amassing every day.  Each new day we know more than what we did yesterday and this so called new knowledge may times contradicts the old and sooner than later the time will come when we will need to revise what we teach to our present and hopefully what will be the future progeny. Our approach to teaching and learning should be towards revising the old and making periodic changes in the educational curriculum so that students learn only what is right. Thankfully, now that your child has stepped up in 7th grade, Genee K12 content has also been revised and updated to supply the latest education needs.

NCERT Syllabus: The whole of Genee K12 content has been standardized as per the norms laid out by the National Council for Education Research and Training. Speaking specifically of the English content for class seven, the syllabus is quite comprehensive and includes the various lessons covering the basic grammar, reading and writing exercises blended nicely with vocabulary building lessons.

Age Appropriate Information: A very important aspect of an academic book is that it should contain subject material relevant and appropriate to be understood by the mind of that particular class of students for whose age group it has been written.

Impressive Animation Gallery: The complete English content of Genee is full of animations, splendid graphic display in concurrence with the lesson objectives and to support the story line.

Compact Lesson Design: The twin purpose of honing grammatical knowledge along with the simultaneous development of vocabulary. The Genee K12 Content for class 7 English has both subjective and objective exercises in keeping with the CBSE guidelines. The K12 syllabus instills and fosters knowledge of articles, modals, tenses, clauses with keen emphasis on correct grammatical sentence sequence and structure. Sentence completion exercises, fill in the blanks, worksheets on idiomatic phrases, word formation exercises along with interactive classroom activity all serve to enhance a child’s English language skills.

Special Emphasis on the development of ‘Writing Skills’: Development of comprehension and side by side exploration of the writing skills can be done easily via Genee K 12 content for class 7 English.

The emancipation of the Teacher

The whole process of education entails interaction between two parties i.e., the teacher and the student along with feedback from both to improvise their existing skill set. The teachers and the teaching methodology of the old ages have periodically gone through a revision. There was a time when the teacher would sit outside to take a class probably in the community room or the village ground. Surrounded by nothing but nature or in the premises of a temple (as the Greeks would often do) education was imparted to a select few. These select few mostly comprised the elite aristocrat children or the progeny of kings. Even if the teacher would wish for the spread of education there were only few who could afford it. Time kept on passing by and societal reforms continued to make their way. When the printing press was invented, education progressed by leaps and bounds. This is undoubtedly the best thing that ever happened. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that the printing press is the reason that education today is a global phenomenon. This was however just the first step. Continue reading

Class 6 Social Studies

When we talk about social studies, we talk about the quadripartite of history, civics, geography and political science. These are the four elements which help us to analyze what has made us into who we are today. History involves us to take a step back and dive into the past to see the diverse factors, events and things which we had done and to learn from our mistakes and achieve better results. Civics sensitizes us about our civic duties and our fundamental rights both as resident of our country and the world. Civics studies function to provide us knowledge about the multifarious aspects of a compact and well functioning society. Geography gives us a pretty good idea about our topography, climate and vegetation; it helps us to acknowledge nature at work and how best to acclimatize to it. Last but not the least, Political science instills in students the knowledge about the philosophy of the political ideas, the concept of state, country, the constitution, economics and the study of factors which are imperative for creating a healthy state that follows the dictum of sustainable development. Continue reading

Class XI English

The first board examinations are over and you are all set to relax a bit. And why shouldn’t you? After all, class 10 is not that simple an affair and because it is so important, a great deal of impetus is given to the child to perform to the best of his abilities. The outcome determines the choice of subjects (though in a country like India, streams like arts and commerce are usually frowned upon and children usually end up opting for science irrespective of their personal interests, aptitude and natural flair for other subjects). Continue reading

The Future of education

The course that the future of education will take is highly dependent on the current technological trends in the world. And technology is just one very important aspect of the whole educational realm. The imparting of education to a lot of extent rests on the attitude to the teaching and learning activities and ideology of the people, the connectivity between them, their prosperity level, the speed of communication, the local and global culture, and of course the easy access to facilities such as transport and study materials like stationery and books etc. Continue reading

Class XII English

In the Indian system of education, it is mandatory that the child clear his intermediate level and then proceed to his college education. Class 12 represents the final test of a student before he is let out in the world to pursue higher studies. Many times, coupled with entrance tests, the grades and marks secured in the senior secondary examination form the very basis of a child’s admission to the college or university of his choice and desire, thus, serving as gateways to a bright career. Continue reading

20 Tips and Tricks to Teach Mathematics at the Primary Level

Teaching Mathematics
The primary Math education is a key determinant and I must say the very foundation of the computational and analytical abilities a student requires for a strong secondary education. It is the very base on which secondary education is built on. This is why it is mandatory that the teaching techniques and methods we employ as teachers and educators be of such rich quality that the development of a child with respect to his mathematical abilities be wholesome, practical and balanced. Continue reading

Grasping the Social Knowledge with Genee’s Class VIII Social Studies

Teaching contrary to popular opinion is a much difficult job to do.

Just in case you disagree, take a quick look at some very common facts.

With so many children and a whole lot of syllabus to cover, it becomes excessively difficult for the teacher to do both the things. A teacher has to make sure that his lesson plans are precise, that the subject being taught is made captivating enough to hold the students’ attention and interest, maintain discipline, answer queries, ask questions and evaluate the progress of each and every student (ranging from 35 to 40) all in a span of forty minutes! Continue reading