Interactive Whiteboards: Transforming the face of Present day Education

Genee-Touch_LThe world is witnessing a drastic change in the way education is now imparted to students. The conventional tools of teaching have been rendered obsolete by the digital technology. Whether it’s the paradox of fat pile of books into sleek screens, or the replacement of notebooks by tablets and iPads, nothing has been left untouched by the infection of being digitized. In such a scenario, how can a classroom stay aloof? Interactive Whiteboard is one such modern day tool that has redefined the way teachers used to interact with their students. To put it simply, it is an interactive digital display, projected on a wall stand, enabling you to input and modify contents in unimaginable ways.

Boasting of power-packed features, an interactive whiteboard is much more than just a visual aid. It empowers the academicians and presenters to keep their content precise and engaging. Here are its few key benefits –

  • Transforms the passive modes of teaching into more interactive forms of learning.
  • Enables the presenter to convey his points to the audience more vividly.
  • Eases out the elucidation of the content via pictures, animations, questionnaires and videos.
  • Helps to focus on the key points by enabling navigation through files and windows.
  • Imparts personalization and flexibility to the learning sessions.
  • Allows access of information from the internet.
  • The notes and chapters can be saved after a particular session.

Interactive EducationWith such wide applications across the professional and the academic domain, it is quite apt to buy one of those smart interactive whiteboards for your school, college, institution or organization. Get your hands on one and see how the bland paper-centric classroom model gets revamped into a fun and interactive hub of learning.

Interactive Whiteboards Manufacturers and Suppliers

Interactive Whiteboard is one of the learning interface tools of the next generation that has gained wide acceptance in the educational world. It has redefined the way teachers used to interact with their students. It has proved to be a quantum innovation both in the context of content and its presentation.

Are you swept by its amazing features and engaged diligently in looking for a reliable source from where to buy one? Choosing a right manufacturer involves time and discretion. Here are the key factors you should keep in mind while short listing the available Manufacturers and Suppliers:

1). Quality – Quality is often reflected in the repute the brand has earned for itself. A well renowned brand is finicky about its name and leaves no stone unturned to keep the customers satisfied.

2). Noble Vision – Make sure the brand that you choose, is driven by the motive of providing ingenious educational training solutions and is not just another run-of-the-mill thing.

3). Broad Range of Products – If a company offers a comprehensive range of products in a particular domain, it is often a sign that its solutions will be more efficient and effective than its competitors.

4). Commitment – Make sure the brand is committed to its customers. This can be usually assessed by the kind of after sales service it provides. This would, of course, include factors such as live support system and software updates.

5). Budget – Last but not the least, you should try to buy the finest solutions in a most cost-effective possible manner.

Genee Technologies is one such high tech pioneer engaged in manufacturing a broad range of ICT learning products and software. Ours is a name endowed with rich experience and hands-on expertise.

Serving academic and corporate sectors from a long time, we consistently strive to come up with new ingenious interactive learning solutions. The quality of our products is well reflected in the customer credibility we’ve gained throughout the globe. Embarking our presence in over 80 countries of the world, we have now come to India to introduce our revolutionary line of innovative learning system products and software.

The core drive of our team is to provide the academicians and corporate the best learning system solutions at the best prices.