5 reasons why you should get an Interactive Whiteboard

Gone are the days when you walked into a classroom, held a chalk in your hand and decided to write long paragraphs on it. Gone are the days when the chalk dust really and literally caused your eyes to water. But just in case, you are still following that age old teaching tool, here’s a reality check for all you teachers out there.

Seriously, you need a change!

Genee PowerboardIt is insanely difficult to teach, inform and sensitize students on many subjects, topics and issues all within a 30-40 minutes span. To spend time writing on the board is like GIVING the students TIME to LOSE their TIME while the teacher’s back is turned.

An interactive board is just so much more than an ordinary board and here are 5 reasons why you should get it instead of the traditional one:

  • Engaging Learning Ambience
    Make it like an experiment. Take two classrooms and put an interactive whiteboard in one and an ordinary whiteboard in the other. Needless to say, the children will remain hooked to your teaching when you show them videos on the big screen, play audio clips, animations, do presentations, let them write, draw and solve questions on the interactive board in different colours. Connected to the internet, you have the world of knowledge at your fingertips, literally!
  • Bolsters the speed of Learning
    You will notice this instant change in the attitude that children will develop for learning. With an interactive whiteboard, they will be more participative in the whole teaching learning activity as they will be able to see, hear and grasp concepts quickly and retain information for a longer time.
  • Time and Cost Effective
    Of course an interactive whiteboard is time and cost effective!
    You can write on it, erase stuff, and still retrieve what you had written just in case you wish to add something to it; impossible with an ordinary board.Need I say more?
  • Environment Friendly
    This is definitely a huge bonus! Along with the boon and blessing tags we usually associate science and technology with their downside is also fanatically highlighted. So when we say that with the advent of whiteboards into the education realm the need for taking hundreds of printouts gets eliminated, imagine the benefit this amazing technology provides. Now, all books are available online, all references are there on the internet, manuscripts and drawings can be seen on the screen, so there is absolutely no need to waste trees by making paper.
  • An array of functions to make teaching easier!
    Multitouch features, live annotations, Audio and Video streaming, functions to save each working page (which can be checked and reviewed later), customized templates and the facility to email results instantly are just a few attributes of the smart digital boards!

Interactive Whiteboards are great interactive tools to enhance pedagogical practices in the classrooms across the world. So make sure when you teach, you have the best tools at your service to raise the future generation in a wholesome manner.