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Class VII English

Studies are important and even more important than simply studying is the content of what you study. The subject matter and the way it is structured are twin essential components of what make for a great educational curriculum. Genee K12 English content is exactly that- A Great Educational Curriculum!

Genee K12 ContentWe all know that a new academic session always comes like spring, like a breath of fresh air. It is a much anticipated time for children. While primary schooling lays the foundation of the academic life of a student, secondary education cements it and builds upon it the structure that would support us throughout our life.  At class 7 level, the foundation is laid and the process of acquiring new knowledge and information begins at a heady pace. At such a point care must be taken that information and its presentation be done in such a way that it elicits nothing but interest and participative response from the students.

Periodically Revised and Updated: The knowledge bank is continuously amassing every day.  Each new day we know more than what we did yesterday and this so called new knowledge may times contradicts the old and sooner than later the time will come when we will need to revise what we teach to our present and hopefully what will be the future progeny. Our approach to teaching and learning should be towards revising the old and making periodic changes in the educational curriculum so that students learn only what is right. Thankfully, now that your child has stepped up in 7th grade, Genee K12 content has also been revised and updated to supply the latest education needs.

NCERT Syllabus: The whole of Genee K12 content has been standardized as per the norms laid out by the National Council for Education Research and Training. Speaking specifically of the English content for class seven, the syllabus is quite comprehensive and includes the various lessons covering the basic grammar, reading and writing exercises blended nicely with vocabulary building lessons.

Age Appropriate Information: A very important aspect of an academic book is that it should contain subject material relevant and appropriate to be understood by the mind of that particular class of students for whose age group it has been written.

Impressive Animation Gallery: The complete English content of Genee is full of animations, splendid graphic display in concurrence with the lesson objectives and to support the story line.

Compact Lesson Design: The twin purpose of honing grammatical knowledge along with the simultaneous development of vocabulary. The Genee K12 Content for class 7 English has both subjective and objective exercises in keeping with the CBSE guidelines. The K12 syllabus instills and fosters knowledge of articles, modals, tenses, clauses with keen emphasis on correct grammatical sentence sequence and structure. Sentence completion exercises, fill in the blanks, worksheets on idiomatic phrases, word formation exercises along with interactive classroom activity all serve to enhance a child’s English language skills.

Special Emphasis on the development of ‘Writing Skills’: Development of comprehension and side by side exploration of the writing skills can be done easily via Genee K 12 content for class 7 English.