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Taking Class 5 Mathematics to a new level

Just as the basic objective of the elementary school education is to see to the healthy blooming of a child’s heart, his curiosities, fostering the ability to read and write, develop patience to sit in a class for a stipulated time period, instillation of a sense of discipline along with the building of a strong foundation, similarly Primary Education caters to strengthening the base coupled with the goal of widening the curriculum spectrum via use of elementary tools. Continue reading

Hindi Language: The Face of Indian Culture and our Heritage

CBSE Class 10 HindiHindi is our mother tongue. Needless to say, today we find children not paying attention to the language that is such an essential part of our culture and history. It is a common sight to see and hear children say that they do not know the Hindi counting or terms for common everyday use articles for that matter. In fact, for little things they disregard the use of their national language. You might think we are getting emotional about the language topic. But it is not about sentiments or the spirit of patriotism. It is about knowledge. Continue reading


CBSE or ICSE ?In India, every state has its own board of education. Besides the government school boards, children also go to private and public schools affiliated with ICSE, ISC and CBSE Boards. There is also a new breed of IBOs (International Boards) offering high end syllabus of a global standard. These boards though great, charge exorbitant sums as fees and therefore can be afforded by only a select few. Continue reading