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The Rising ‘Interactive K-12’ Trend

People these days are raving about the interactive K-12 Content. And to be more precise, it is the interactive K-12 education they are talking about.

K12 EducationSo what is this K12 Education exactly?
K – 12 Education (wherein ‘K’ stands for ‘Kindergarten’) is basically the sum total of the education provided from the Kindergarten to the very senior secondary years.

What contribution does ‘ICT’ make to K-12 Education?
Information and Communication Technology commonly referred to as ‘ICT’ lends a whole new dimension to the plain old traditional system of imparting Education. The integration of multimedia in education domain has greatly improved and enhanced the whole teaching, learning and training processes and aided in achieving great performance results. Continue reading

5 reasons why you should get an Interactive Whiteboard

Gone are the days when you walked into a classroom, held a chalk in your hand and decided to write long paragraphs on it. Gone are the days when the chalk dust really and literally caused your eyes to water. But just in case, you are still following that age old teaching tool, here’s a reality check for all you teachers out there.

Seriously, you need a change! Continue reading

10 Steps to Effectively Boost Your Learning Prowess…

In 2004, a ‘Nature’ article brought to light this stunning fact that people who learned how to juggle or engaged themselves in creative activities (like learning and practicing a new language or a new skill) increased the amount of gray matter in their occipital lobes: the area of the brain associated with visual memory. When these individuals stopped practicing their new skill, it was noticed that this gray matter vanished! Continue reading

E Learning

E Learning today has become a pre dominant mode of imparting education.
E Learning basically refers to the use of electronic media and communication technology in the sphere of education. The idea of E learning is to incorporate technology in the educational domain so that all the aspects of education:

Teaching, Learning and Administration.

Elements of E Learning Continue reading

Need for a Smart Classroom

HRD-ProvidersBefore we go about discussing what interactive communication technology products do we need to enhance our teaching learning processes at the classroom level, we need to first answer the question, “Why do we even need a smart class?” This question is really important and unless we know and are thoroughly convinced by the vital role that a smart digital class plays in the impartation of education today, we will never be able to fully equip ourselves or train the future generation into becoming ready for the tech savvy time to come. Continue reading

Interactive Way of Education

According to Wikipedia, “Derived from Latin word ‘commūnicāre’, which means “to share”,  communication is the activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, visuals, signals, writing, or behavior. It is the meaningful exchange of information between two or more people.”

One definition of communication is “any act by which one person gives to or receives from another person, information about that person’s needs, desires, perceptions, knowledge, or affective states. Communication may be intentional or unintentional, may involve conventional or unconventional signals, may take linguistic or non-linguistic forms, and may occur through spoken or other modes.” Continue reading

National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) 2013

National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA)

National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA)

Centre for Civil Society in partnership with Friedrich Naumann Foundation organized the ‘NISA Annual School Leaders Summit 2013’ (SLS) on 26th September, 2013 at the India International Centre, New Delhi. National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) is basically a dynamic association of more than 7000 Budget Private Schools across 15 states in India. DSCN2544Genee Technologies India took part in this national conference that aimed to improvise the quality of education service in our country. At the meet which had debates and discussion sessions headed by a panel of highly-profiled financial journalists, MPs, Educators, Headmasters, Teachers and Principals of the leading schools in India, Genee Technologies impressed everyone by presenting its wide range of ICT solutions which can effectively boost the classroom ambience and bolster student performance. Genee was much appreciated as its products come for every pocket.