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Interactive Whiteboards: Transforming the face of Present day Education

Genee-Touch_LThe world is witnessing a drastic change in the way education is now imparted to students. The conventional tools of teaching have been rendered obsolete by the digital technology. Whether it’s the paradox of fat pile of books into sleek screens, or the replacement of notebooks by tablets and iPads, nothing has been left untouched by the infection of being digitized. In such a scenario, how can a classroom stay aloof? Interactive Whiteboard is one such modern day tool that has redefined the way teachers used to interact with their students. To put it simply, it is an interactive digital display, projected on a wall stand, enabling you to input and modify contents in unimaginable ways. Continue reading

Be Smart and Get Genee Smartclass!

A dusty blackboard, an even dustier duster and then the pain of chalk dust in your eyes. And here we have not even finished talking about the hassle of rubbing everything off only to realize there was something important you didn’t want to rub.

Going back and rewriting is a hassle, isn’t it?

Well not anymore!

Welcome to Genee Technologies- the perfect solution to your teaching problems.

HRD-ProvidersGenee offers the best in terms of Interactive Communication Technologies. Our teaching solutions are seamlessly integrated into the latest technology to help make dull classroom come alive.

With highly interactive communication technologies developed by Genee Technologies a student will hang on to every word of the teacher and see what is being taught. Compatible with iOS and Android, the new generation of LED touches screens and multi-touch Genee interactive whiteboards allow a number of users to operate it simultaneously. Up to four users can now operate a Genee Powerboard and Genee Touch LED screen. Continue reading

Changing age old pedagogy with Interactive Education

With the ever increasing competition in the educational sector, every now and then schools stay on the look out for modern technology so that they may step out of the crowd and set a benchmark. This struggle to be “different” is the key reason which has given rise to the concept of Interactive Education. This kind of education takes shape when technology is induced in the classroom. Students are freed from the typical boring method of learning as they step into a new world where learning means more than grasping bookish knowledge. They become smart kids and immerse in the pool of knowledge that unblocks their innocent minds.

genee-powerboard_2Interactive education has completely changed the role of students in a classroom. Earlier teachers used to give hour long lectures and students used to listen like mere spectators. However, now students play a greater role in classroom activities as they answer questions, share their ideas and partake physically to give demonstrations. Interactive mode of learning includes multiple icebreakers and brainteasers to inspire the students think out of the box. Moreover, the problem solving activities conducted on the digital whiteboards (a must have equipment in an interactive classroom) also catch the fancy of the students and let them get engrossed in their course material while understanding every bit of knowledge shared. Continue reading

Ushering modern education with Genee Interactive Screen

Now a days educators, presenters, students and demonstrators all over the world have realized and praised the difference that interactive whiteboards have brought in a classroom. These smart interactive screens/interactive boards have succeeded in making classrooms a platform of ‘entertainment+learning’ where students love to partake in various fun filled activities while learning new things and crucial concepts. It not only induces confidence in the shy students but also inspires the teachers to give effective classroom demonstrations that enhance the retention of knowledge. Continue reading

Planning Interactive Teaching Strategies with Genee

Education is the basic foundation that gives a child the platform to develop his skills and widen his knowledge. They learn to communicate with the outside world and make a special bond of companionship while learning some of the most crucial concepts of life. Taking the importance of education into consideration, Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. has come up with a vast range of smart products to promote the concept of interactive teaching and learning. We at Genee have been making great efforts to introduce technology in classrooms so as to offer students a smart learning environment which may boost and enhance their classroom participation and experience. With our modern products including interactive whiteboards, visualizers, response systems and projectors, we have created a beautiful canvas of studying with more happy faces in classrooms. Continue reading

Tips For Using Student Response System

Student response systems act as an informal evaluation process often used in classrooms. These marvelous tools help the teachers in gathering feedbacks

student response system

student response system

from the students about the understanding of their course material. This then helps the

teachers in getting a winder view of the knowledge and caliber of the students which further help them in maintaining their classroom activities as per the needs. Collecting feedback real time and then displaying it on the board to be seen by the audience definitely create a stir in the classroom and accelerate the learning process.

Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. deals with the best quality response

systems embedded with marvelous features. They give you the power to

control the classroom activities and create a highly interactive environment. Some of the response system tools that Genee has on offer are: Continue reading

Experience Education at your fingertips with Genee’s Interactive Touch Screen Whiteboards

Educators, presenters, students and demonstrators all over the world have realized and praised the difference that interactive whiteboards bring in a classroom. These smart interactive screens have succeeded in making classrooms a platform of entertainment where students love to partake in various fun activities while learning some crucial concepts of education.

smart classrooms

smart classrooms

Many of you must be wondering over the facts like how does interactive screen work. What are its uses? Do we need to undergo some special technical training to use them? And the list never ends. To put smile on the faces of the puzzled readers, I would like to say that interactive whiteboard is one of the most user-friendly equipment today. You do not need to take any special technical knowledge to run them as only few general instructions can prepare you to work on it efficiently. Continue reading

Interactive Whiteboards: Creating a Fun Filled Learning Environment

As compared to the earlier days, learning today has become a process which involves things that can be easily learn and remembered by the pupils. To make it more easy and interactive way of staying informed, schools, colleges and institutes have reached to more advanced solutions. Interactive whiteboards are the most demanded solutions to cater to the variegated needs of the educational sector.

genee-powerboard_2Interactive Whiteboards are large interactive display that connects to a computer, projector and requisite things. To transfer the functions of the computer to these boards a PC or Laptop can be used. These functions however can be controlled with the help of stylus (multimedia pen), fingers and gestures. Most commonly these boards are fixed on to a wall or floor stand as desired by the user. The most common operation system used for these whiteboards is Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. These boards require some of the basic accessories, which are at times provided by the company like wireless pen, wall mounting parts, USB extended cable, stand, eraser etc. Continue reading

Smartclasses: Digitizing Education and Classrooms for Progress

The term smart digital classroom has been making a buzz since quite some time now. This new mode of studying has proven its worth in many classrooms and is highly appreciated and valued by both the educators and students. Teachers no longer need to prepare tests on paper sheets and students don’t have to sit in the classrooms with dull and bored faces. With the introduction of smart digital classroom the facades of classroom have changed by leaps and bounds. By letting kids communicate with the most updated technology, teachers can make them turn smart kids which can later help them in facing the rising competition in the world.

What is a Smart Digital Classroom?

Smart ClassroomSo what is a smart digital classroom exactly? Well, when we produce some of the most modernized technical equipments such as interactive whiteboards, visualisers, response systems, projectors, etc in a classroom environment it becomes smart and digital!

Let us delve some deeper into the benefits of smart classrooms: Continue reading

Transform Classrooms of Yesterday into Digital Classes of Tomorrow With Genee’s ICT Resources

Are you bored staring at those uninteresting blackboards and listening to hours of monotonous sounding lectures? If your answer’s yes, then transform your dull learning experience into an exciting one by embedding the concept of Digital classroom. When you introduce technology in learning, digital classroom forms shape. They are the ones in which you may find an array of interactive products which please to students as well as teachers alike. Interactivity is a great feature that enhances the interest level of the students in their class leading to more number of hands raised to give answer.

GENEE India ProductsGenee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a key supplier of some amazing equipments that can modify a simple classroom into a digital classroom. We have made an in-depth research on the benefits of interactive education for students and thus have manufactured world class products to cater the needs of the educational sector. Some of our products which have been creating a revolution in the world smart digital classroom are: Continue reading