Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology

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Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a world class provider of Education Technology. We are change makers facilitating education by creating high tech computerized learning ambience dedicated to make a smarter and brighter NextGen. Our vision is to provide classrooms which define future for learning. We have achieved such high stature in the domain of Education by providing innovative educational teaching and learning software products using cutting-edge ICT solutions in the form of Interactive Whiteboards, Interactive Visualisers, Presentation tools, Projectors, K12 content and Interactive Response Systems along with giving Training, Installation and On-line Support Services.

Knowledge, Application of Knowledge and spread of Education are the three things which have helped Mankind to survive and flourish. Coupled with this trifecta is Man's spirit to move ahead with time. This is precisely what Genee Technologies is all about. We have been doing exceptional work in redefining the parameters of Educational technology. We are proud benefactors of Teachers, Students, Educators, Presenters, Trainers and Corporate Professionals Pan India. Our premium quality educational products in hundreds of schools and colleges enhance teaching and learning abilities. This is why we are 'Leaders in Learning Technology'.

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Genee Vision 50
The new Genee Vision Visualiser 50 is a great visual presenter offering the ultimate teaching and training
Genee Vision 150
The Genee Vision 150 visualiser is an entry-level document camera that can seamlessly integrate with any
Genee Vision 2200
Incorporated with Genee advanced technologies, Genee Vision Visualiser 2200 is the newest addition to the
Genee Vision 3100
The Genee Vision 3100 visualiser / Visual Presenter is a digital ICT presentation and teaching equipment that
Genee Vision 6100
The latest from the bank of Genee Visualiser range is the new Genee Vision 6100 which is a powerful new visual
Genee Vision 8100
A Visualiser or Document camera is a type of video camera that can display any object or document on a
Genee Vision 9100
The Genee Vision 9100 visualiser is basically a digital ICT presentation and teaching tool that can be
Genee Vision Elite
The new Genee Vision Elite is a digital ICT presentation and teaching tool that can be instantly connected to
Genee Air
The Vaddio Genee Air Visualiser is a complete ceiling-mounted visualiser system. Equipped with a high
Genee Vision Carry Case
The Genee vision carry case is the wonderful storage cases for visualisers . Discover smooth and scratch free
Genee Powerboard
Interactive Whiteboards are ICT solutions for the educators, presenters, consultants and trainers. Interactive
Genee Sense
Genee Sense is the perfect high tech mobile presentation solution for all travelling businessmen, freelance
Pro Digital+ Board
Genee PRO Digital+ is a must have tremendous ICT resource that carries the ability to improve the quality and
Virtual G-Pad
The Virtual G-Pad is a revolutionary Interactive Response System that brings wide scale interaction and
Introducing the all new Pebble battery operated Audience Response System- the Pebble is a revolutionary
Genee Pad
It works just like a mobile phone, allows for a wide range of answer inputs such as True / False, Open Format,
The New iQ-PAD with ClassComm is a radio frequency wireless classroom response system taking learning into the
Mitsubishi WD385U-EST Interactive Projector
• Interactive • Native WXGA Widescreen • 2800lm • 3000 : 1 Contrast Ratio • Long 6,000hr Lamp Life
Mitsubishi XD365U-EST Interactive Projector
• Interactive • 2500lm • 3000 : 1 Contrast Ratio • Long 6,000hr Lamp Life (Low Mode) • Low Fan Noise
Benq Projector
Engineered by Experts - Enjoy the Sweet Sound of Silence with BenQ DLPR!
BenQ has made all around
InFocus projectors
Projectors are now a commonplace teaching aid in schools and important presentation tools in the corporate
Mitsubishi projectors
A projector is basically a device that receives a video/image signal and projects the corresponding input on a
Projectors accessories
Genee Technologies India is a premium quality provider of a diverse array of Interactive Communication
Genee Link
The Genee Link is an extremely cost effective and flexible solution to your presentation needs. It is a
Genee View DX-25i
The Genee View Short Throw is an interactive multi-surface projector. Genee view turns any flat surface into
Genee Magic Pen
The Genee Magic Pen is a fantastic presentation product with smart technology to make any CRT monitor
Click 2 Control
The Genee Click is an ideal presentation tool for navigating PowerPoint presentations. Genee Click
Genee Classcreen
The newest wonder from the Genee techno bag is Genee Classcreen- a very modern interactive LCD Panel Screen.
Genee Slate
Graphic tablets (also known as graphic pads, drawing tablets or digitizing tablets) are computer input devices
Genee Gold K12 Content
Genee Gold is Genee India comprehensive and interactive educational content which provides questions, answers,
Genee Gel
Genee Gel is a mind mapping software which allows teachers, presenters and trainers to build colourful
Try Geneemation! Genee's newly developed one-stop motion animation software. Geneemation has been designed
Early Years OnBoard
Genee Powerboard is a finger touch whiteboard utilizing infra-red (IR) and gesture technology. It combines
Genee Toolbar
The Genee Toolbar is yet another great ICT toolbar that acts as a software bridge to connect Genee's various
Genee Explorer
Genee India is happy to present before you a complete animation gallery package comprising of hundreds of
Primary OnBoard Content
Gone are the days when Learning was considered as a boring activity. With Genee’s new Primary OnBoard CD a
Classcomm Cloud
Genee's Learning Response System software, ClassComm and Cens-Us, are designed to engage everyone in your
Cube Share
Cube Share is a browser based, canvas sharing software product. It allows collaboration amongst participants
Genee Cube
The Genee Cube is an impressive teaching and presentation tool that helps save invaluable time wile giving
Genee Spark
Genee SparkGenee Spark is extremely powerful and versatile interactive screen software.
Class Comm 5
Designed to elicit complete students’ response and assess feedback instantly for a continuous comprehensive
CenS Us
Cens-Us is Genee’s smart Learning Response System Software especially designed to foster complete
Touch Screen LED
Genee Touch is the robust new alternative to a whiteboard. The Genee Touch LED has all the features and
Genee Touch LCD
The Genee Touch is an interactive LCD screen for integrated interaction. It responds to touch for annotation

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